Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vegan Soft Serve at the Veggie Grill in Laguna Niguel, CA

Vegan soft serve from Veggie Grill in Laguna Niguel!

Veggie Grill recently opened its newest location in Laguna Niguel, California and to the delight of Orange County foodies is using this location to try out vegan soft serve ice cream! I recently visited this Veggie Grill location to try their soft serve and can I just say...OMG it was UNBELIEVABLY DECADENT & DELICIOUS!

First off, this Veggie Grill is so nicely decorated and quite spacious! It looks very chic and I really like how they decorated this one. There are plenty of tables both inside and outside and it has a very welcoming feel to it. Mister Spooky and I went there on a Monday night and the place wasn't too crowded, but it started getting pretty busy with local families coming in around 7ish.

Veggie Grill in Laguna Niguel interior - 
not pictured are the roomy booths along the wall

Now, I didn't see the vegan soft serve listed on the menu, but it is the first thing I asked about! I've heard that there have been some instances of their soft serve machine breaking down or the restaurant not having soft serve available for whatever reason, so I wanted to make sure they had it before ordering. They assured me it was available, though. I went ahead and ordered my meal (I got the vegan "crab" cake, which was delicious BTW) and the soft serve. They give you a little sign for your table so they can bring you your soft serve once you've finished your meal.

Veggie Grill in Laguna Niguel interior - love the ambiance!

I ordered the soft serve with all the toppings (Newman-O's cookie crumbles, chocolate sauce and nuts) and got the "swirl" - both chocolate and vanilla mixed. You can get either flavor or the two mixed together and whatever toppings (or no toppings) you want! As you can see, I went all in and got everything possible on it!

The soft serve was absolutely amazing...to me it tasted like a Wendy's Frosty (which I used to love in my pre-vegan days), but so much better and more flavorful and rich! It didn't taste like regular ice cream (and it shouldn't), but an entirely new and delicious concoction! I've never tasted its equivalent! Mister Spooky loved it as well, and he usually isn't a sweets type of guy and he isn't even vegan! I had to fight him for the last couple of bites, haha!

The soft serve is made by Chicago Vegan Foods (fine purveyors of Dandies vegan marshmallows and Teese vegan cheese) and I really hope more restaurants pick up this amazing vegan product! It is so amazing I want more people to be able to experience it to see how delicious a cruelty-free lifestyle can be! Lucky for us, Veggie Grill plans to expand this soft serve to their other restaurants providing it does well at this test location. Considering how amazing it was, I don't see how it can fail!

I can't wait to go back to this location JUST for more soft serve! I encourage you to visit this location as well and let the Veggie Grill know how much you love this product!

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