Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Watch Now on Netflix: Murder Maps (2015)

Murder Maps is a docu-drama television series that takes us back to the Victorian era and beyond to the most shocking and surprising murder cases in history you might not have heard about. Host Nicholas Day guides us through historical crimes, their perpetrators and victims, as well as the then burgeoning field of forensics and how new techniques helped police solve these often gruesome crimes.

I was intrigued by the premise of this show, and it didn't disappoint! It mixes historical reenactments of the crimes with discussions from historians, criminologists, and scientists. Plus, many of the crimes they covered were news to me, and I am a junkie for historical murderers, so woo hoo!

The first four episodes of the TV show Murder Maps are now on Netflix instant (I hope all eight will be available in the future, because I binge-watched all four in one afternoon). These episodes include the following:

Episode 1: "The Bermondsey Horror" - In 1849, a man suddenly disappeared in Bermondsey. The discovery that he had been brutally murdered entraptured the press and the public. Even Charles Dickens was totally engrossed in the story of the sinister Marie Manning.

Episode 2: "In the Shadow of Jack" - At the time of Jack The Ripper, London was home to some of the most terrible individuals the city has ever seen. One of the very worst was the elusive Borough Poisoner, George Chapman.

Episode 3: "Finding Dr. Crippen" - Having killed his wife and buried her in the basement, Dr Crippen believed he had escaped on a ship to Canada. But the police managed to hunt him down and bring him to account for his terrible crime.

Episode 4: "The Brides in the Bath Killer" - George Smith had many aliases. He needed them for his many wives who he would soon murder in order to claim the inheritance. Catching this chameleon would be a gargantuan challenge.

You can stream these episodes on Netflix now!


  1. This sounds really interesting I will be adding this to my list! Thanks!

  2. it's always scarier if it's true! thanks for the recommendation! I'll see if I could check these out real soon!


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