Friday, March 24, 2017

10 Must-Try Vendors at Vegan Street Fair LA

Can you believe it's almost time for Vegan Street Fair?! It is this Sunday, March 26th, 2017 in North Hollywood, and I cannot wait to eat all the vegan things! I am so excited for this event, and my giddiness grew even more when the Vegan Street Fair organizers published the event map AND all the vendor menus the other day!

Ghouls and boils, there are SO MANY delicious food vendors to try this year! So many vendors, in fact, that I was feeling overwhelmed by all the choices (what an awesome problem to have, right?!), so I went ahead and put together a little cheat sheet for myself and listed out the vendors I was most excited to try. I figured this might come in handy for other people, too, so I'm sharing my top 10 must-try vendors at Vegan Street Fair!

Check out what I'm most excited about below:

1.) Riot Grill - This is the booth I'm most excited about, just based on their femme vibe alone! I can't wait to sample their Roni and the Cheez Effect (mac 'n' cheese), Saves the Daiya (grilled cheese stick), and Le Dogre (loaded mac hot dog)!

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2.) The Abbot's Butcher - I have been dying to try The Abbot's Butcher vegan meat and now is my chance! They'll be serving up "turkey" burger sliders, chorizo tacos, and a BBQ "chicken" meatloaf sandwich.

3.) Two Birds Baking Co. - These Birds make the yummiest cupcakes and sweet treats! I cannot wait to pick up their vegan versions of Ding Dong cupcakes and Twinkies! They will also be serving up cake pops and boxes of mini cupcakes!

4.) The Blaq Square - This restaurant opened up recently in Valencia and serves up killer-looking vegan noms! They'll be bringing some of their best vegan options, including their Blaq Crab Sliders and Revenant Sliders to VSF!

5.) Ridiculous Baking Co. - This is always a must-stop for me at VSF as they usually have some amazing concoction everyone wants to get their hands on! This year, they are partnering with The Butcher's Son, a vegan deli in the Bay Area, to bring us French Dip and pulled "pork" croissants!

6.) Word of Mouth Truck - I can't wait to finally try this new vegan food truck! Everyone has been raving about their mac and cheese bites and their fried chick'n sandwich sounds so yummy!

7.) Taqueria La Venganza - I have missed these guys and their delicious vegan food at every vegan food fest I've been to. I'm hoping I'll actually get to try some of their tacos or burritos this time around! I've also got my eye on their asada fries.

8.) Jaycelab - Two words - toasted ravioli!! I mean, just look at those beauties above! Jayce will also be serving up deviled and pickled "eggs," lumpia Shanghai (spring rolls), and curry tacos.

9.) Les Beaux Chocolat - Sweet treats from this vendor will include truffles, fudge bites, caramels, and more! I am super excited about their unicorn marshmallow pop they will be serving! Doesn't it sound magical?!

10.) Yoga-Urt - OMG just look at that Caramel Apple Abundance deliciousness above!!! I am so happy they will be debuting this new flavor at VSF, it will be like a taste of autumn.

There are so many other vendors I am excited about, like Eko Eats serving up kimchi fried rice, By Chloe serving ice cream, Trejo's Tacos, Your Vegan Friend and their conchas, Donut Friend, Clean South and their Buffalo wings and fried "chicken," and soooooo many more!

Are you going to Vegan Street Fair? If so, what are you most excited about trying?!

If you want more info, check out the Vegan Street Fair site (including a map and menus of the event!) and Facebook page!

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