Monday, November 13, 2017

Spooky Halloween Leftovers

Whew, it's hard to believe Halloween season is over and that November is already half over! This Halloween season was a little rough on me (not to mention being hit with some bad post-Halloween blues), so I'm taking a break to reset and focus on goals for next year. I need some time to focus on the smaller things, spend time with myself and family, and get inspired for next year.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some of my Halloween leftovers with you all, which are basically just a random bunch of pictures from the Halloween season I haven't yet shared here. Looking back at what I did this season is a big help in getting me excited about next Halloween season, believe it or not! And hopefully they will help me (and maybe you) beat the Halloween blues.

Check out some Halloween 2017 leftovers below:

 I went to a new pumpkin patch this year (in addition to my visit to 
Tanaka Farms) - this was the Johnson Brothers Pumpkin Patch in
Irvine, California! 

 I went early one morning when they first opened and was the only one 
there - it totally reminded me of the roadside pumpkin patches from
my childhood.

 I did a card swap with Instagram followers and got some sweet treats, like
this creepy cute stuff from a fellow spooky!

 I got some festive Lularoe (visit my fave sellers HERE and HERE!) leggings 
with skulls, roses and moons, as well as another lovepainandstitches bag!

 October breakfast perfection - Gardein chick'n and Nature's Path Pumpkin 
Spice Waffles, topped with Dandies' Pumpkin Marshmallows,
and maple syrup!

I snagged a Cavity Colors' Buy or Die Hocus Pocus tee! Frankie here was
stoked to model it, along with...

 Cavity Colors' Everyday is Halloween tee, which I've been 
eyeballing for a while! So glad I finally got it, I love it!

 We surprised my sister with a visit to Disneyland / California Adventure -
I loved seeing the Headless Horseman in CA Adventure!

 Also, Cars Land in California Adventure was totally decorated for 
Halloween and so cute! Unfortunately we went on one of the hottest days 
of the year - it was over 100 degrees, not very Halloweenie.

 I love the orange and black Halloween cups they have at 
Disneyland for Halloween! 

 And of course I had to pay my respects at Ray Bradbury's Halloween Tree
in Disneyland. We also visited my tomb sweet tomb, The Haunted
Mansion, but I didn't get any good pics. 

 I treated myself to some Halloween bags and a pillow from
Sourpuss Clothing!

The lovely Kendy of MissMuffcake sent me so many goodies for our 
annual Halloween swap box! I love swapping Halloween boxes with her
every year, she always sends me such great stuff!

I also did a Halloween swap box with another wonderful friend, who sent 
me all these incredible gifts! I adore the spooky pillow and the Spooky 
All Year Round pennant!

My mom knitted me a Halloween banner (it's the lower one) and I love it so
much! I'm going to leave it up year-round!

Love my new bat bust from Walmart! Isn't he adorable?!

I made a "boo"-dah bowl with a kit containing I Heart Keenwah Toasted Quinoa,
Upton's Original Jackfruit mixed with Urban Accent's Pumpkin Mole sauce
and then topped it with some black beans, pickled cabbage, shredded
carrot, avocado and hot sauce! It was sooooooo good!

These treat-sized chocolates from Enjoy Life were perfect to munch on
 while watching horror movies. 

I went to a restaurant for a work thing the day after Halloween and was 
delighted to find it still decorated for Halloween! Loved this fierce witch!

Dandies Pumpkin Marshmallows are my everything! I loved adding them 
to my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies this season - I made some for 
a Halloween potluck and they were all gone in minutes!

Just look at that delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookie dough with
Pumpkin Dandies! This dough made some awesome Pumpkin S'more

I took this a few days after Halloween. While I was sad the season is over, 
part of me was glad I would finally have time to relax and hang out with 
my little shadow, Havoc! 

I usually post my Halloween leftovers earlier than mid-November, but I needed a break right after Halloween. I may take an extended break, but hopefully I'll be back with some spookiness soon! 

How are you doing with your post-Halloween blues? 

Stay spooky!

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