Monday, April 23, 2018

The Cauldron Spirits and Brews in Buena Park, CA

After checking out Spook Show a few weekends ago, I realized I was close to The Cauldron Spirits and Brews, a new witch-themed restaurant and bar that opened up in Buena Park right across from Knott's Berry Farm. I couldn't turn down grabbing a few drinks in a spooky bar and I was stoked at the opportunity to finally check it out!

The bar and restaurant is described on their website as: "...a dark fairy tale witch-themed sanctuary for the ultimate sensory experience with unpretentious sophistication through a variety of fresh quality cocktails, local craft brews and familiar yet unexpected tastes presented with impeccable service in a comfortable, social atmosphere." 

Take a peek inside of this bewitching bar below:

The Cauldron Spirits and Brews

Just step through these boo-tiful wood doors, into a lair of enchantment...

Cozy sitting area around the cauldron

This mirror was haunted by spirits that would appear and disappear

The library, hosting a terrific selection of witchy framed photos, knick-knacks,
and spell books (pssssst - ask to see the secret room behind the bookshelves!)

Inside the secret banquet room - I love how the windows make it look like you
are in a misty forest!

You can rent the secret room out for larger parties (or just yourself)

I fell in love with the spooky witch carving on this shelf!

I loved all the little details and framed photos on the bookshelves - so charming!

Stunning seating areas with cool artwork by owner and artist-in-residence
Lara Hanneman.

Someone decided to stay for more than just a spell!

More witchy artwork and candles in a nook with spellbinding seating. 

Lots of cozy seating and plenty of tables for you and your coven.

Any bar that has a flying bat hovering above it must be awesome, right?!

What's a brewing in the cauldron? 

Unfortunately, this isn't a very vegan-friendly eatery and the menu skews more towards French cuisine without a solid vegan (or even vegetarian) option. Nevertheless, the theme alone got me through the doors of The Cauldron, and I will share what I was able to order off their menu below.

I got the Knotty Kid cocktail, which was delicious!

The olives are vegan - great little snack but I wish they were pitted and served
with some almonds or other nuts.

The beet salad is also vegan if you omit the cheese.

And the vegan standby, fries, or steak frites as they are called here (just
order them plain).

This gave me a good giggle in the bathroom!

The Cauldron evoked an amazing atmosphere and packed a lot of little details into its space. I highly recommend grabbing a drink there for the atmosphere alone and to explore all its nooks and crannies, all which hold delightful surprises. The vegan options are pretty meh, but I would still go there to meet up with friends and grab a few drinks (or drink in the atmosphere alone!). 

The Cauldron is located in Buena Park, California and you can find more info, including full drink and food menu, on their website!

Stay spooky, witches!


  1. So cool! I just started following them on Instagram and have been curious about what it ACTUALLY looks like. :) I'm bummed they didn't have more vegan options for you!

  2. Wow what a cool restaurant - I hope you gave them some feedback on the vegan offerings as that is really something they should add. Love all the decor.


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