Monday, March 18, 2019

Fund the Future of Fashion With Legends and Vibes

I am not the most fashionable person by any means. I prefer my look to be like the vampires from What We Do in the Shadows, "dead but delicious." Or rather, distressed, tattered black clothing like I just rolled out of a grave (so maybe not as delicious as I'd envisioned!).

Nevertheless, I am always looking for new, eco-friendly clothing brands that are vegan and ethically conscious. I'm glad to say that a new brand, Legends and Vibes, has caught my eye, and they are currently fundraising to make all our fashion dreams come true!

Legend and Vibes was founded with the vision of being the first vegan and sustainably sourced fashion brand to be available in stores nationwide. They use all-vegan, organic (when possible), and recycled or repurposed materials to make their stylish pieces, including tees, tanks, dresses, shorts, rompers, pants, jackets, and dresses. They are woman-owned and operated, committed to inspire change, lead a movement, and make vegan fashion the future.

I love their attitude, their commitment to sustainability, and designs (they just need a few more black pieces!). Please visit their Kickstarter to help fund this eco-conscious vegan brand, and in return you will receive perks, including t-shirts, totes, and parts of their sophisticated, edgy, and feminine clothing collection.

Find out more about Legends and Vibes on their website, Facebook pageTwitter, and Kickstarter!

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