Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Halloween 2019: At Home Stores

Southern California finally got its very first At Home store (in Lake Forest, located in Orange County) which means we can finally stop drooling over pics from the rest of the country and we can finally get our claws on their Halloween items! I shared some items from their website a few weeks, ago, but our local SoCal store has already started putting out Halloween items in June and has seen Halloween lovers descend on the store to snap up Halloween goodies as well as snapping Instagram pics! I've been stalking the store for a few weeks now, waiting for them to start putting out the Halloween goods. I struck out the first few times, but finally got lucky last Friday! They were still busy unpacking lots of boxes, but they already three aisles of Halloween and autumn stuff out. I can't believe Halloween products are already hitting shelves, but seeing all that orange and black really put a huge grin on my face!

Want to see what they had out? Take a look below:

This is the first thing I saw!! It filled me with Halloween joy!!

I had only seen the Mystic Moon collection in pics before, it was spellbinding
to see it all up close! So many pretty things (just look at that moon mirror)!!

I especially loved this iridescent unicorn skull

Bat blood vials and dreamy celestial pumpkins

Love seeing aisles brimming with Halloween goodies in June!

Welcome back, old fiends!

This is Halloween - This is Halloween

Finding Halloween in June is definitely a TREAT!

Gargoyles and dragons galore!

At Home's Dragon Games collection

Never Trust the Living framed wall art

Dragon's Breath sign

Dragon Games decor

Skulls! Dragons! Dragon skulls! I did love the claw-foot and tentacle
candle holders, though!

I think I traumatized some old ladies.

Gargoyles and dragon's eye

This goblet was beautiful and quite hefty! Made out of glass, not plastic.

Love these black pumpkins etched with spooky phrases and doodles!

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

Give that dog a bone...oh, wait.

Good vs. Evil Collection

My true form

Loved these black cat statuettes!

So many creepy kitchen plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, etc.!

This bat plate was gorgeous!

Bone appetit large Halloween platter

I think I'm good at this witch thing

These were my favorite!! I wish they were frames, but they are just creepy
cute decor that look like tombstones.

Halloween gnomes!

So tempted to buy these for a future garden!

Lots of Halloweenie signs.

A bit of vintage-inspired Halloween decor

Season's Creepings small wooden sign

I'm digging the funerial look of this Ghostly Gala collection.

This funeral wreath-inspired decor with a changing scary portrait was 
pretty neat in person!

Black cat everything, please!

Love the look of the black and orange wreath (didn't like the glitter, though)

RIP Justin Pieces

Lawn stakes

Have you been to At Home yet to scope out their Halloween treats?! What items do you have your eyes on? Let me know in the comments!

Stay spooky!

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