Monday, October 28, 2019

Where Did October Go?

Hey Boo, longtime no spook!

I cannot believe that October is nearly over and Halloween is already upon us! I barely got to celebrate this year (see life update below - lots of huge changes!!), but I am super grateful for the little things I did do and very happy I got to experience an actual autumn this year. Read more about my recent adventures below...

Ahhhhh I live in Washington now!!

Apologies for my prolonged absence - October is usually one of my most productive blogging months, but this month I was not able to devote much time to you, my dear fiends. The reason for that is that I've been in the process of moving. It seems like I've been on the move forever - I left Southern California at the beginning of August, stayed a month with my parents in Northern California while exploring Portland and Seattle, and then finally moved north to Washington at the end of September. We found a creepy-cute cottage in Seattle right at the beginning of October, so Mister Spooky and I have been busy dealing with furniture shopping, unboxing our stuff, exploring the city, and searching for jobs. We are still doing all of that stuff now, so I haven't had much time for Halloweening, sadly!

Still can't get over how gorgeous it is here!

However, I am ecstatic that the autumn here is gorgeous - falling yellow, orange, and red leaves everywhere! And it's actually chilly! And rainy! Overall I am loving the crisp feel of autumn and it makes me so happy to see the colorful leaves just outside our windows. There is even a park near our house with trails that meander through the beautiful forest and my heart is so happy to spend time in the trees.

In my happy place!

I am a bit sad I haven't done any haunts this season - and there are a few in Seattle and just outside of the city I wanted to experience. Hopefully next year I can hit them all! I was able to go to a pumpkin patch, and it was delightful! The day was partly sunny, the pumpkin patch was huge and even had a corn maze (which I did not do), and there was a brisk chill in the air that just made everything feel right.

This is my view from the bedroom window! I'm batty for fall leaves!

Well, I hope that explains why I've been so quiet here - I haven't forgotten about my spooky fiends, but I might be away for some time while I build my life here in this new and exciting place. I do hope you are enjoying your Halloween season and all it has to offer, whether you are doing it all or just taking it easy this year. Make sure you soak up all that eerie atmosphere of the spooky season and remember that Halloween is everyday!

Yes, more trees because I am officially obsessed with fall here!

Now, if I may leave you with a song that has spoken to my haunted heart this Halloween and I think will speak to yours too. It is called "October" and it is by The Ghost In You (if he sounds familiar, I've shared his boo-tiful songs before!) and completely captures our love of October and that special feeling this month gives us. If you love Dead Men's Bones, this will be right up your alley! Check out the video for "October" below or go listen to it on Bandcamp. I highly recommend seeking out his other songs/albums as well as a children's book he wrote called The Undead Adventures of Bone Boy and Ghost Girl (I say children's book, but it is for spooky kids of all ages)!

Warm yourself up this chilly autumn with this touching love song to October, which features the chorus:

"October, please wait for me
October, you set me free
October, you're what I need
October, you're part of me"


Happy Halloween and stay spooky!


  1. Hey - glad to have you back. I have missed you this holiday season. Watched a fine documentary this week - "The Game Changers" about elite athletes eating a plant based diet. I am inspired to cook vegan.

  2. Congrats, and enjoy those glorious colors!!


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