Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halloween Finds at Target

Target has been driving me NUTS lately! They are always sooooo slow in putting out their Halloween stuff and instead of immediate Halloweeny gratification, they insist on teasing me with just a few more Halloween items each time I visit the store. I reported on their spirited shirts a few weeks ago, but since then it has been pretty quiet there...

I was there the other day and they've put a out a few more things, but not much yet. I'm not sure if they're waiting for the first day of autumn before putting out all their stuff, but every year it seems like our local Target drags its feet in putting out its Halloween fare.

Oh least they had a few more fun things!

First of all I was excited to see their Halloween socks out!! I live in orange and black year-round, so you bet I picked up some more spooky socks! Plus, I finally got to replace my holey Halloween slippers with new ones...yay!

Next, they had their pet costumes (or, as they call 'em, "pet pajamas") out:

I'm not a big fan of "pet clothes", but these are pretty darn cute!

Finally, they had this yummy looking beer in stock:

I'm not a big fan of beer, but the cute little pumpkin scarecrow on the label really made me want to buy this brew! Thankfully, I least for now!

Another good sign is that my Target has started putting out their Halloween candy...guess I'll just have to wait one or two more weeks for all the good stuff to come out!

Besides Halloween stuff, they had some Monster High toys out! I am loving the whole concept of Monster High, which basically revolves around teenage monsters going to high school...yes, Mattel designed a whole line of monster dolls!! Pretty amazing, huh? I want to collect all their Monster High Barbie dolls (check 'em out on Amazon)!

Anywho, here's what they had at Target:

Frankie Stein


Deuce Gorgon and Cleo de Nile

I'll definitely be checking back in the upcoming weeks for new Halloween stuff at Target...

In the meantime, let me know how much Halloween stuff your local Target is now carrying!


  1. Oh I have to show you my socks and stockings I bought that you would love :) I bought these halloween cat ones and these spider tights.

  2. Oh how fun!!! I definitely want some more stockings! :)

    They have so many cute ones, it's hard to choose!

  3. Target always has awesome Halloween stuff! I like to go the day after and get the 50% off stuff! haha


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