Tuesday, October 26, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: Carving Pumpkins

 My first jack o' lantern of the season!
I carved this one way back in September.

I looooove carving pumpkins! Nothing gets me in the Halloween spirit more than gutting an orange gourd and carving a face into it (ok, sounds kinda morbid when I say it like that). Of course there are those that have never carved a pumpkin (Egads! How has life been worth living for these people?!), so I've compiled some handy videos below for those in need of some jack o' lantern assistance.

From your basic how-to on carving pumpkins to carving with power tools to master pumpkin carvers' artwork for inspiration, the videos below should put you on the right track and get you inspired to carve in no time! 

A basic how-to on carving pumpkins:

Another how-to video with much more entertaining hosts:

Carving pumpkins with power tools:

Master pumpkin carvings collage:

Photo montage of jack o' lanterns from the  Extreme Pumpkins books (buy book 1 and book 2):

What are your favorite pumpkin carving methods?

Want more pumpkins? Check out the best pumpkin videos HERE


  1. I haven't carved a pumpkin in years. I used to love doing it. Mayhap it's time to butcher another one.

  2. Your pumpkin looks great! I'll likely be carving later this week. I stick with the good ol' scoop and knife.


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