Monday, October 4, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: Pumpkin Patch Visit

One of my absolute favorite activities during the Halloween season is visiting the local pumpkin patch! The pumpkin patch has to be one of my favorite places on Earth, and if I could live there I totally would!

I don't like just any dinky pumpkin patch (though even small strip mall pumpkin patches bring an instant smile to my face), but one that actually grows their own pumpkins and lets you pick them from the vine. My local, go-to pumpkin patch is working farm Tanaka Farms in Irvine, California!

We made our first annual visit at the end of September; check out my pics below!

Yay! So exciting!

I pick this one!

Funny scarecrows!

Every which way leads you to the pumpkin patch!

Tiger pumpkins!

Pretty squash!

My new best friend =)

Pumpkin Queen!

My carved pumpkin!


  1. Oh look at you and your cute self out there playing in the pumpkin patch! That is one thing that I miss down here in real pumpkin patches. I guess it's too hot. Those are my favorite too, although like you, I love all pumpkin patches...ha! Thanks for sharing all those photos...I can live vicariously through you and your patch now! :o)

  2. Love the scarecrows!! Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  3. Great photos! I love visiting pumpkin patches even when I'm not picking pumpkins :)

  4. Great photos - god I LOVE Pumpkin patches!
    Your carving skillz are awesome too.

  5. heya! Awesome pics,you and pumpkin patches are very cute,i really love pumpkin patches!

    thanks for sharing!

    Lisa allcoup


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