Wednesday, October 13, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: Classic Halloween Record Artwork

Though I grew up on cassettes and CD's rather than vinyl records, I still love the warm feel of records, even with their pops and cracks, which I think just give them more personality. And these unique sounds of records make them absolutely perfect for Halloween!

I loved listening to my parents' old records growing up, but alas I never had the pleasure of owning any Halloween-themed records (I did own a treasured cassette tape of haunted house sounds like a witch cackling, chains rattling, moaning and so on). I've always coveted spooky records for their hair-raising tales and/or music and their fantastical artwork. The artwork of Halloween records has always fascinated me, so it is with great delight that I present to you some classic Halloween record artwork (man, I wish I owned all these awesome albums!!).

All images are from the amazing blog (though it has since been "retired") Scar Stuff!

To listen to some spooky sounds and stories, including stories narrated by Boris Karloff and Vincent Price, check out THIS POST! These good people also have all the links to Scar Stuff's original posts on each album, which is the source of all this wonderful artwork.


  1. What type of music are you into? Do you listen to The Mummies this time of the year? :)

  2. I had that Casper album, and aside from the weird voice acting they had for Casper himself, I recall it being pretty entertaining. The art for these are pretty awesome. Keep up the awesome posts.


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