Tuesday, December 11, 2012

13 Days of Creepmas: Gothic Gift Wrap

Bat Wrap by Gift Shrouds

Scouring the racks for appropriately creepy Creepmas wrapping paper is tough...everything is red, green, white or blue and plastered with snowmen, Santas, Christmas trees and so on. What is a spooky kid to do? Well, I generally just buy black gift wrap, but that is so boooooring! I needed something with a little gothic flair, so off to the interwebs I went! And boy, did I discover some eerily appropriate gothic wrapping paper!

The site Gift Shrouds (ummm...I was just sold on their name!) has some stunning gothic, pirate, steampunk, science and pagan-themed gift wrappings just perfect for wrapping up your macabre gifts.

Check out some of my favorite designs from their catalog below:

 Cleavers and Blood

Thorns and Vines

Jolly Roger - Red

 Egyptian 2

Gears and Cogs

See more on the Gift Shrouds website!


  1. I love that bat pattern! Where did you manage to find black wrapping paper in the past? I've looked for that but never found it. You might like some of this wrapping paper I ran across the other day:


  2. Oooh, Perpetual Kid has some fantastic designs!

    I usually can find black paper at Target or a party store (I go to a small local one, but maybe Party City had black wrapping paper). This year at Target I was only able to find black paper with white snowflakes on it...no pure black!


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