Monday, December 3, 2012

Urban Decay, You are Dead to Me (Time for New Vegan Makeup)

Since the disappointing announcement was made last week that cruel animal-testing conglomerate L’Oreal has acquired Urban Decay, a lot of vegans have been outraged and have been scrambling to find other vegan-friendly makeup to use instead of UD. I am one of those vegans. Urban Decay has been vegan-friendly for years, but with the announcement earlier this year that they would sell in China (and therefore be required to test on animals per Chinese law) as well as their diminishing vegan options (WTF did you have to add lanolin to your mascara and eyeshadow primer?!) had already cast a lot of doubt into compassionate consumers. Though they quickly reversed their decision to sell in China after MUCH public outrage, the deal with L’Oreal is said and done, marking an end of an era for many ex-UD supporters.

Even though UD pledges to remain cruelty-free, they will still be owned by a corporation that tests on animals, uses animal ingredients and profits from it, which means I will no longer support or buy Urban Decay products. I love Urban Decay’s vegan products, but even so I can no longer support them since that means I would be supporting L’Oreal. So suck it, UD, I won’t be buying anything from you ever again.

Which means I will need to find replacements for some of beauty staples…

Some of my go-to products from Urban Decay included their Perversion and Zero 24/7 black eyeliner pencils and mascara, but it looks like I will need a replacement for those. I am eager to try some independent vegan cosmetic companies and plan to purchase some different vegan makeup products from Etsy and around the web…reports will follow!

For now, I will use Lush’s liquid eyeliner in “Independent” (black) and Ecco Bella’s mascara. I don’t use too many eyeshadows, but the ones I do have from Urban Decay will last me a long, long time. I will continue use ones I have previously purchased from UD until they are all used up (this could literally take years).

As for foundation, I already use Lush’s and Ecco Bella’s products, so no need to find a replacement for those. Woo hoo! Same goes for blush, which comes from E.L.F., though I might search for a few eco-friendly vegan brands online too. I’m interested in checking out Pumpkin and Poppy on Etsy, which I’ve heard a lot of good things about, as well as The All Natural Face online.

Will you stop supporting Urban Decay since they have been bought out by L’Oreal? Why or why not?

Have recommendations for vegan makeup? Let’s hear them in the comments below!


  1. I only wear makeup for Halloween or weddings, so I know almost nothing about it. But when I need something, I buy from SobeBotanicals on Etsy:

    I think everything is at least vegetarian and I know they don't test on animals. Might be worth checking out. I've bought from them multiple times and they're super friendly and helpful.

  2. I suppose it's good that I couldn't get Urban Decay in my country anyway! But it's still rather sad.

  3. I agree with everything you said. I have been pretty hesitant to buy anything from UD since the whole (shady) China ordeal, but now I've sworn them off completely. Luckily I don't use any of their products religiously and will not miss them in my kit once they're gone. In the end, it all seems to be about money, and that's a shame from a brand I got into specifically because they were cruelty free.

  4. Agreed, no more UDPP for me! I like Silk Naturals mascara quite a bit and have not tried but plan to try Too Faced eyeliners.

  5. I use two UD products, one being the vegan mascara. I like that mascara a lot but will find a replacement. The other is the foundation - which I find it hard to find a good foundation that is sheer but offers coverage but it will happen...

    The lid primer was never vegan. They thought the lanolin was synth, turns out it was not. I sent them my old tube and they sent me a refund and a shadow...


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