Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Halloween 2014 at Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World Market had a 25% off sale on their Halloween decor this past Monday, so I knew I had to scoot over there after work to check out their Halloween offerings and take advantage of their one-day Halloween sale!

They had lots of creepy cool items this year, including a great Dia de los Muertos section, awesome kitchen accessories, bloody candles, vintage-inspired decorations, mummies, skeletons, and lots of Halloween-inspired wine! I even found some vegan Halloween pasta, which is probably my favorite fiendish fine at World Market since vegan Halloween pasta is hard to come by as they usually use squid ink to color the pasta black! This brand just uses carrots for the ink, though, hurrah!

Here is what I found:

 So much Frankenstein stuff! Frankenstein's Monster
and The Bride are plastered on serving trays, plates, and
napkins! They also had two elongated rectangular serving
trays that were really cool! 

 Lots of mummified animals, hands, and big skeleton heads!

 Halloween pasta cut into shapes of pumpkins, bats, etc. and it is 
actually VEGAN!!!! And it's only $2.99! Woo hoo!

 They had a fun Dia de Los Muertos section with lots of good stuff!

 I pretty much wanted everything in their baking section!
Those spatulas were so cool!

 Aisle of Halloween make me happy!

 These skeletons were just hanging around...

 Lottsa candles, vintage-inspired Halloween items, and so on!

 Bats are my spirit animal, so I loved this skeletal bat as well as this
lacy-winged bat!

 So many Halloween brews! Unfortunately, the Pumpkin and Wicked 
Apple sodas pictured in the top left were not vegan (they contain honey), 
but the Cherry Cola Spider Soda was vegan (near as I could tell). Then there 
was the SPUD Pumpkin Spice Vodka, Jones Halloween Soda in Caramel Apple 
and Blood Orange, and a couple Dia de Los Muertos-themed wines!

 They had some cute vintage-inspired decorations and crafts!

 These glass Dia de Los Muertos tumblers and glasses were pretty neat!

 More Halloween BOOze...lottsa different wines with cool labels, 
but I have no idea if any of these are vegan (some wineries use
fining processes that involve isinglass, or fish bladders, to filter
wines or use other non-vegan methods in the wine-making process).

And here is my haul from Cost Plus World Market! I picked up two plates
with Frankenstein's Monster and The Bride, Halloween Pasta, a pack of 
Dia de Los Muertos tissues, two bat LED flameless candles, a black
skull that oozes red as it melts, Halloween clips, ceramic skull measuring
spoons, and a Frankenstein bag!


  1. 2 weeks ago they had nada! so much cool stuff - going tomorrow. i need the universal monster stuff & sugar skull items badly!

  2. I want those Frankenstein plates!! I also want that Spud vodka, but I don't think our WM carries liquor.


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