Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Watch Now on Netflix: Wolfcop

Wolfcop is a 2014 release that started streaming on Netflix recently and I was instantly drawn to its B-movie vibe! After watching it, I think it is a great mix of comedy/horror and is perfect for a horror movie night with friends or something to throw a few beers back with.

Synopsis: After being transformed into a werewolf, boozy cop Lou Garou uses his new powers to tangle with devil worshipers, shape-shifters and other minions of evil.

Wolfcop has an engaging story, unique characters, slapstick, gore, shapeshifting, and one hairy cop. Plus, its transformation scenes, pivotal for any werewolf movie worth its salt, are done really well! I also love how the film throws it back to '80s horror flicks, has clever little werewolf references (I mean, the cop's name is Lou Garou, when the French "loup garou" means werewolf), and the plot keeps you guessing as you try to uncover the mysteries, both past and present, that surround the town.

If you are looking for a fun horror movie, watch Wolfcop on Netflix now!

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