Monday, August 24, 2015

Halloween 2015 at HomeGoods Round 2

Halloween 2015 at HomeGoods, Round 2!

A few weekends ago I posted pics of Halloween at HomeGoods (see the post here!), but that same weekend I went to a different TJ Maxx/HomeGoods store to check out their Halloween section as well as returning to my local store. They had a lot of new stuff since I first posted, so I wanted to share photos of everything I saw at both stores. I meant to write this post a lot sooner, but life/work got crazy and I didn't get a chance to share my Halloween finds until now! Check out the pics below:

 This was a gorgeous skull candelabra!

 I love mugs, and I was tempted by all of these!

 These trick or treat mugs were perfect!

 Lots of boo-tiful tableware!

 Loved this big Happy Halloween canvas!

 When I went to this particular TJ Maxx/HomeGoods store, they had all the 
Halloween items hidden all the way in the back of the store set up on tables. 
I thought it was quite odd, but I suppose they will move everything closer to the
 front of the store soon!

 I'm loving the vintage cats they have out this year, and this Dia de los Muertos 
couple was cute!

 Silver and cold

These cups were really cute and they had lots of different kinds!

And now for the stuff I ended up buying:

I couldn't pass up this batty bar set even though I don't even have a bar!

 Snagged some glasses, a cute Halloween countdown sign, scaredy cat mug, and
jack-o-lantern dishes.

I also picked up some spooky items since it's my namesake and I'm always on the
lookout for anything that says spooky! Found an adorable spooky mug and plate,
"Let's get spooky" artwork, plus I finally purchased the vintage cat snow globe I 
was eyeing as well as another framed glass artwork.

These photos are from a few weekends ago, so they may have already turned over a majority of the stock pictured and gotten a bunch of new stuff in! I'll have to head back over to see if they have any new items in. For those that are local and may be interested which HomeGoods stores the items above are from, I visited the TJ Maxx/HomeGoods stores located in Costa Mesa, California and Tustin, California.

What amazing Halloween items have you found at your local TJ Maxx's HomeGoods this year?

Stay spooky, fiends!


  1. Do you have Shiny Brite ornaments there? I saw them at all 3 of the ones around me, I didn't know they still made them! Gorgeous greens & purples! But none of them had the metal hearse! Boohoo!

    1. No, I have not seen Shiny Brite ornaments at HomeGoods yet! And I also haven't seen the hearse everyone is searching for. ;(

  2. I went on Saturday - there was so much. I did not see the bone hand plates - those are cute. The boyfriend bought me a beetle mug that is rather cool!

  3. Hi Spooky Vegan! Love your blog. Have you seen the new Halloween stuff at Yankee Candle? I was in a store yesterday and picked up this kitty candle holder:
    I love that she's a cool kitty but also has bats. :)

  4. OMG!!! I just love your blog full of halloween stuff!!!


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