Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Top Five New Vegan Products from Trader Joe's

Written by Sarah E. Jahier

Trader Joe's has been rolling out some fantastic new vegan products lately! It seems that every time I make a trip to one of their stores I end up scoring some new vegan food item to try. Lately, I've discovered some exceptional new snacks from TJ's, which I wanted to share here with you. From drinks to cookies to popcorn to breakfast breads to dessert hybrids, there are lots of great new vegan snacks I've been drooling over lately.

Below you'll find my top five new vegan products from Trader Joe's!

1. Brownie Crisp - Um these are pretty much heaven! They taste like brownies, but are crispy like cookies! I like eating them on their own, crumbling them over ice cream, or making s'mores with them!

2. Pretzel Bagels - These pretzel bagels have been available since the beginning of the summer, and I have been noshing on them for months! They are great with vegan cream cheese or used as buns for vegan burgers or sandwiches! YUM!

3. Maple Water - This maple water is refreshing and slightly sweet! It is a great way to stay hydrated this summer as well as serving as a feel-good reminder that autumn is around the corner!

4. Fig Bites - I loved Fig Newtons in my pre-vegan days, so I am thrilled that Trader Joe's has made a vegan version with their Fig Bites! They are so delicious!

5. Popcorn in a Pickle - Pickle popcorn?! Yes please! This popcorn packs a tangy taste and smells and tastes just like dill pickles! I love pickles, so I'm pretty obsessed with this snack!


  1. I love those pretzel bagels. They make pickle popcorn?! Making a trip to TJ's, stat.

    1. Right?! The pickle popcorn is so addicting, I inhaled half a bag!! :D

  2. PRETZEL BAGELS!!! OH YEAH. Must go to TJ tonight to pick some up.

    I've had the pickle popcorn ... oh. my. gawds! It's seriously addicting. Like "I just ate the whole bag because I can" addicting.

  3. i had the pretzel bagels when i was battling death-flu and i associate them with being sick. i do not think i can eat them for awhile. ugh.

    the pickle pop corn & brownie bites are soooo good! i had some of both tonight in fact!

  4. Try those pretzel bagels with the herbed tofutti cream cheese. omg - heaven! Or with TJ's cream cheese and agave.
    Thanks for the heads up on the popcorn I can't wait to find that.
    OH and TJ's has vegan cinnamon rolls in the dairy case (in one of those canisters like other brands)


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