Friday, January 29, 2016

Goth Emoji App

My little dark heart grew two sizes yesterday when I downloaded the Goth Emoji App via iTunes!'s an app that transforms your keyboard into an implement of darkness and despair, filled with gothic emojis designed by Lisen Haglund, with app development by Daniel Saidi. The delightfully dark designs include bats, fangs, ghosts, witches, black cats, coffins, graves, as well as goth food staples like coffee and pizza, plus morbid and mopey musical and movie icons like Robert Smith, Moz, Siouxsie Sioux, Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams, Fairuza Balk as Nancy from The Craft and many others, plus symbols and creepy cute word bubbles that say "hate", "slay", "black", etc.

I've only been using this app for a day, but I am already in love (well, it is Friday)! It is easy to install and simple to use, plus I really love that the emojis are such high quality illustrations (and really appreciate that they don't look like these 13 Goth Emojis from Buzzfeed, though those are adorable in their own way).

This app isn't just goths or goths-at-heart...Halloween and horror lovers will also get a kick out of it!

You can get the Goth Emoji app via iTunes, currently for $0.99.

You can also visit Goth Emoji via their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

All images via Goth Emoji.


  1. Hi!

    Thank you SO much for this amazing review - I am super happy to hear that you like the app.

    I would just like to correct one thing in the review. I am the developer of the app, but the concept and emojis are designed by Lisen Haglund. Would be great if you could correct that.

    Thanks once again!

    Daniel Saidi

    1. Oops...corrected!

      And THANK YOU and Lisen for such a fun app!!! I can't stop using it to terrorize everyone in my contacts list. :P

  2. Just purchased the app and doesn't work for me. When I select an emoji in my text threads, for example, it says "this emoji has been copied and can be pasted into your message". I don't see how to do that, nor should I have to take that extra step.
    Also, I had to enable full access in order to use this app and was warned that this means my private info such as credit cards would be shared with the third party. That doesn't seem safe.

    1. The copy/paste thing is just how these third-party keyboards work. You select the emoji you want, then it is copied, then you paste it where you normally type text (a "paste" option comes up when you click where you normally type). It works just like the Bitmoji app, if you've used that. The full access thing is pretty standard for these types of keyboard apps.

  3. *Please come out for droids. Please come out for droids.* lol

  4. Those are awesome, sucks you have to get an app just for some emojis though


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