Friday, January 15, 2016

Spooky News - Halloween Prep, Death, Tacos, Vegan Butchers and Horror Movies

Wow, was this ever an eventful week, full of both sorrow and elation, encompassing a wide array of topics, from deaths to new vegan places opening up to new horror movie trailers to starting to prep for Halloween! There was so much going on that I've shared across so many different social media platforms, that I wanted to gather it all in one place and share it all at once.

There has been so many celebrity deaths lately, but the two that really stood out for me on a personal level have been Angus Scrimm, best known for the role of Tall Man in the Phantasm movies, and Alan Rickman, most beloved for his Severus Snape role in the Harry Potter films (but he was amazing in so many other films). The passing of these two really hit me in my gut, and I'm still processing my grief over two gentleman whom I never knew but admired greatly. Scrimm I was lucky enough to see in person at a Fangoria convention several years ago, and he was so charming, sweet, and funny! I'll always cherish that memory. And I've always swooned over Rickman as Professor Snape, because what goth girl hasn't? He was one of my favorite Potter characters. Both of their talents will be sorely missed.

In happier news, several new horror trailers were released this week! There has been buzz about a film called Valencia that was set to be released this year - not much was known about it, but today a bombshell was dropped and apparently it was a super-secret code name for the Cloverfield sorta sequel, called 10 Cloverfield Lane! Check out the trailer, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman:

Also, we got a new trailer for The Witch, which still looks fantastic and I can't wait to see (read more about it on my 5 Horror Movies to See this Winter list):

A teaser trailer was finally released for Green Room, from the same director that brought us the devastatingly beautiful Blue Ruin. It's about a band that gets stuck at a venue, sees something they shouldn't, and gets on the wrong side of a group of neo-Nazis (including Patrick Stewart!). Looks promising:

Besides horror trailers, horror fans got other good news this week - Guillermo del Toro is in talks to start development on a Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark film! AND he plans to incorporate Stephen Grammell's chilling artwork as well! Eeeeeeek childhood dreams (nightmares?) coming true!

In vegan news, Danny Trejo is gonna be serving up vegan tacos at his new Trejo's Tacos in LA, set to open soon! I posted about it HERE.

Also, The Herbivorous Butcher, an all-vegan butcher shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been getting tons of awesome press as they near their grand opening! Their vegan meats and cheeses (all made by hand!) look jaw-dropping, and I am so excited for them! Makes me want to take a trip to MN!

In historical news of interest, looks like they've pinned down the actual location where the convicted in the Salem Witch Trials were executed. Read more HERE.

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To end on a happy note, Spooky Little Halloween has posted a prep guide to get you ready for Halloween 2016 now!!

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