Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Cure's Songs Transformed into Horror Comic-Inspired Artwork

Last week I tweeted about Butcher Billy's fantastic set of artwork featuring Robert Smith of The Cure re-imagined as a comic book style horror villain, complete with bold, colorful fonts filled with ominous Cure lyrics, and I have continued to swoon over these designs and wanted to share them here as well.

As a big Cure fan, these playfully dark designs make me squeal for joy! The artist describes his series, officially titled "Tales From The Smith Comic Book Series", as: "Kisses and scares. Hearts and skulls. Giggles and graves. Romance in the shadows. This frightening series of strange tales is a homage to the goth legend who truly taught us love and darkness."

How absolutely perfect is that? Check out some of my favorites from the series below, and be sure to visit Butcher Billy's original post.

You can view more of this series here!

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