Friday, October 21, 2016

Spirit Halloween 2016 Costumes I Would Actually Wear

Spirit Halloween (not an affiliate link/post, I just like them!) has some women's costumes for 2016 that I actually love! And that's a good thing, because I still haven't decided on a costume for this year, eeeeek! I know some people are against store-bought costumes, but I don't mind them as long as you put a little creativity into them - plus, they are great for lazy people like me, haha!

Most store-bought women's costumes are a little too saucy for my liking, but I think the ones below are more scary than slutty. There are witches, ghosts, skeletons, clowns, monsters, dolls, and more! Of course, most of the costumes I favor have a gothic style, which naturally makes them spookier (I think of them as creepy cute)! And with the right makeup, you can make these costumes seriously scary...

Here are my faves from Spirit Halloween's 2016 collection:

Spellbound Witch Costume - could this be any more classic?! 
Love the tulle! I'd add scary witch makeup to spook it up.

Horror Clown Costume - the perfect outfit to wear to see 
Rob Zombie's new 31 film!

Spiderweb Poncho Costume - so cute and reminds me of Lydia from
 the Beetlejuice cartoon! I would wear this everyday! 

Ghostly Spirit Costume - ethereal eeriness!

Marionette Costume - this is pretty cool for a store-bought costume!

Everyday Is Halloween T Shirt (not a costume, but I NEED this tee!)

You can find more costumes on Spirit Halloween's website!


  1. I want the skirt from that spellbound witch costume to wear all year! So so cool.

  2. I am glad they have branched out from the mini skirt, 4 inch heels, super-charged cleavage look. For awhile, it was hard to find a costume at spirit if one was over 25 years old.

  3. i need that shirt! all of those costumes are rad. i gave up on looking at halloween stores for costumes - nothing there that is cool. i usually just raid my closet and go diy!

  4. I'm a fan of the DIY costume from my own wardrobe too.. though some of these are nice!

  5. ...You know, you're right. These aren't too bad.

  6. I liked all of them but voodoo queen is appropriating off of Haitian and West African cultures and spiritual systems


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