Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ben Cooper Halloween Costumes and Slashback Video Exhibits at Mystic Museum

 Ben Cooper Halloween costumes display at The Mystic Museum

Bearded Lady's Mystic Museum is a must-see haunt located in Burbank, California that regularly hosts themed art shows and exhibits as well as selling a variety of spooky goodies! They also own Bearded Lady Vintage, which just moved in to the adjoining space (they used to be a few blocks down from The Mystic Museum). I love how they are both conveniently located next to each other now!

The exhibits currently on display the months of September and October are a Ben Cooper exhibit, dedicated to the retro costumes of past years as well as artists' representations of the famous Ben Cooper masks, and then there is Slashback Video, paying homage to horror sections of VHS rental stores of the past. Besides rows and rows of VHS horror, Slashback Video also featured artists' renditions of horror movie cover art, done on VHS boxes!

 Vintage Halloween items from private collections

I was excited for the Ben Cooper exhibit ever since attending the Ben Cooper panel at Midsummer Scream (read about it HERE). It was fun seeing all the vintage Ben Cooper Halloween costumes, Halloween decor from the private collections of both the Ben Cooper family and Mystic Museum owners, as well as all the artwork from artists inspired by the costumes.

The Slashback Video exhibit was incredible and so well done! The nostalgic thrill of walking among the rows of horror movies on VHS will not soon be forgotten. It was bittersweet seeing all those old favorites on VHS covers - I sure do miss video stores, despite the convenience of streaming movies nowadays. Everything was just perfect, including a Splatterhouse arcade game that Mister Spooky had fun playing!

You can check out more photos of the exhibits below:

Ben Cooper Exhibit

 So many amazingly cool retro Halloween costumes!

 Ben Cooper masks and costumes on the top row, including a Jaws-inspired 
"The Shark," mask, a Little House on the Prairie "Laura" mask and costume, 
and a female vampire mask and costume. The bottom row features other
 companies' costumes.

 Gremlins masks!

 "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" Ben Cooper Costume

 Vintage Halloween costume advertisement 

"Werewolf Costume" by Rhode Montijo

 "I Get All the Candy" by Dark Town Sally

 Vintage jack-o-lantern by Bruce Spaulding Fuller, plus various Ouija boards

 Bearded Lady's Mystic Museum - Ben Cooper exhibit

 More gorgeous vintage Halloween goodies from the personal collection of The
Mystic Museum! The owners must have the spookiest, coolest house ever!

 "Classic Cooper" by Cole Strem, plus more vintage masks/costumes

 Clockwise from top: "Ghoul Friend" by John Stapleton, "Dime Store Dolls-
Vampiress" by Belle Dee, "Lil Papua New Guinea Cannibal Tribe Mask"

 "The Pumpkin Queen" by Bob Doucette

 Original vintage photographs featuring Ben Cooper costumes!

Slashback Video Exhibit

 When you buy tickets for the exhibits, you get a cool membership card
that gets punched every time you come back!

 Slashback Video entrance

 Look at all these rad VHS covers done by various artists! 

 More VHS covers by various artists done specifically for this exhibit

Even more VHS covers by various artists 

 Glorious rows of horror on VHS!


I had a blast at both exhibits, and entry was only $10 per person to see both! If you are in the Southern California area, I highly recommend paying a visit to The Mystic Museum to check out both of these exhibits! Bonus: There are tons of other spooky stores in the area like Dark Delicacies, Halloween Town, Creature Features, and more! I recommend grabbing drinks and grub at Tony's Darts Away (they have vegan options, I highly recommend the vegan Buffalo wings!), just a mile from The Mystic Museum, too!

For more info and to purchase art and other items, visit The Mystic Museum online!

Stay spooky!


  1. No. It's too much. Too much awesome for one post. I've sprained my eyeballs over the awesome.
    Okay, I'm actually quite jealous of the awesome.

  2. Freaking awesome! I want to go to there! Thanks for the pics, though!


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