Friday, September 8, 2017

Halloween 2017 at Daiso Japan

Daiso Japan has the cutest, most kawaii Halloween stuff this time of year! They just put items out last week, so the other day I visited my local store to see if they had anything out, and was greeted by grinning jack-o-lanterns, pastel pumpkins, light-up purple bats, and tons of other great Halloween decor!

Most items at Daiso are only $1.50, and anything above that is clearly marked with its price. I love Daiso because their decor is so unique and just so adorable! They have lots of great Halloween decorations and tableware for amazing prices. Take a peek at what they have in stock by checking out the photos I took at my local store below:

Devil headbands and jack-o-lantern pom hats

These Halloween happy figurines were so welcoming and precious!

Pastel jack-o-lanterns!

LED jack-o-lanterns

These jack-o-lantern buckets were pretty hefty and good quality!

This banner sign was just the most adorable thing ever!

Blow up black cat

Pastel pumpkins

Happy Halloween pails that had a vintage look!

There is nothing better than a display full of grinning jack-o-lanterns

These guys will put a grin on your face!

Light up pumpkins and bats that also make sound?! I'd buy that for $3!

Here is a close-up of the precious purple bat! How could I say no to that face?

Creepy masks

These spiderweb headbands were so pastel goth!

Always love the bat headbands

These black cat and jack-o-lantern puppets were EVERYTHING!!

Really adorable monster wind-up toys

And these guys too!

Changing portraits

Creepy cute face masks

Pumpkin beanies (though I think they were more kid sized)

Pretty candy dishes and trick or treat pumpkin dishes

Party and kitchen supplies - they even had small Halloween aluminum foil
and parchment paper rolls!

And here are a few things I ended up getting:

 Daiso Halloween haul - lots of banners, paper lanterns, aluminum foil and 
parchment paper rolls, jack-o-lantern bucket, Happy Halloween pail, light
up jack-o-lantern and bat, stickers, wall hangings, and so on.

 Close-up of the aluminum foil and parchment paper rolls - how does one
resist this kind of cuteness?!

 Close-up of adorable scrapbooking paper I bought - I don't scrapbook, but
I am sure I can use it to make cards or use it for something fun

The light up bat and pumpkin are cute, but make the most annoying laughing
sound (like the sound from the Saw movies).

For more info and to see if you have a Daiso near you, check out Daiso Japan's site!


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