Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Acai Bowl at Milk + Honey in Costa Mesa

Milk + Honey might sound like a weird place for a vegan to hang out in, but when I recently had the opportunity to visit this specialty drink and food place in Costa Mesa, California at The Camp, I was pleasantly surprised!

Though they serve a lot of non-vegan items (frozen yogurt, ice cream, non-vegan food items like sandwiches, breakfast items, etc.), they also offer several vegan options. Of these, I decided to try their acai bowl.

Perfection at Milk + Honey in Costa Mesa, CA

Filled with blended acai and topped with granola and loaded with fruit, this tasty dish not only looked pretty but was absolutely delicious!

Though a little pricey at around $5 - $6, I would definitely come back to Milk + Honey just for their acai bowls, but would also be interested to try their other vegan options. They make everything fresh, and though this might make the wait a little long, it's well worth it for the quality of food.

Also, their tiny shop is absolutely adorable and they have a cute open air patio filled with plants and succulents where you can spend a lazy day lounging around!

They don't have a website, but you can check out Yelp for more info!

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