Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everybody Dies Horror Film Festival in Orange County this October!

Orange County is finally getting their very own horror film festival!

The awesome folks behind the horror-comedy cult hit Stupid Teenagers Must Die! are putting together an indie horror film festival right in my backyard this October and it sounds like it is going to be killer! Check out the press release below, which unveils the fest's first two short film screenings!

Just in time for Halloween, a brand new horror film festival is coming to one of the most terrifying places in the world: Orange County, California! Friday, October 21 - Saturday, October 22, the Brea Plaza Cinema will host the Everybody Dies Horror Film Festival.

The fest will present a variety of independent short and feature films displaying everything from brain-chompin' zombies to knife-wieldin' crazy killers. The weekend will be presided over by the festival's mistress of ceremony, the super sexy psychopath: Machete Betty.

This week, the festival is unveiling it's frightening line-up and the first two short films have been announced:

NOWHERE ROAD, directed by Benjamin Dynice and written by Ryan Parrott, is a horror thriller set in the outskirts of lonely highway. This live action short was shot over four days in Canyon Country putting it’s untrustworthy characters into the worst of situations. Cinematographer Michael Roy shot the film starring Jen Nikolaus, Mallory McGill, and Jacob Motsinger as the three hapless college kids. Matt Lasky and Sean Naughton fill the role of the hillbillies that stop to pick up the trio on their way back from hunting mountain lion. NOWHERE ROAD is produced by Benjamin Dynice and Austin O’Brien.

HORROR MOVIES SUCK is the story of George, a horror movie geek, who attempts to school his easily frightened roommate, Sam, on the ways of horror by showing him a rare underground film from the late 70's called 'Evil Comes to Soggy Bottom.' The scares onscreen ignite our viewers fear as the legend of this film literally comes to life. Director John Mark Triplett says "the concept originated from a conversation with a roommate who just didn't understand the appeal of horror movies. As a horror movie fan, I'm well aware of the cliches and short-comings of this genre and wanted to highlight those moments from a comedic perspective. The film plays out like a roller coaster, with the ups and downs reflected in the switching of perspectives from the guys watching the movie to the movie itself. Making this film was an all-out blast and one of the best experiences of my career."

Tickets are now on sale at the festival's web site: http://www.EverybodyDiesFilmFest.com

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  1. Great! Looks like I'll be making my way into the OC for more than just a trip to see the Halloween dsplay at Roger's Gardens.


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