Thursday, September 1, 2011

These Boots Were Made For Stomping

Put on your stomping boots!

I've been discovering tons of new (well, new to me) gothy blogs lately (and loving every second of them), and one of them is the intriguing Sophistique Noir, run by the gorgeous VictorianKitty. It seems that every month she runs a themed blog where everyone in the blogsphere is invited to participate and create posts that revolve around the theme. I love the thought of exchanging ideas, photos, styles and so on...especially if these things revolve around the goth subculture.


So today, after perusing many lovely posts by talented bloggers, I decided to give this "theme of the month" a try, especially since September's theme is boots, only one of my favorite things!!

With fall right around the corner, I can't help but dream of boots...even though I already have plenty! One of my favorite fall activities is shopping for that perfect pair of boots...and then planning outfits around them...and, when it finally gets chilly enough, actually getting to wear said outfits!

However, before I go buying any more boots, I suppose I should take stock of the ones I already have. In the photo above I'm wearing some flat riding boots paired with fishnets and a cute fluffy Lolita-like skirt (not that you can see it too well). Below you'll see a few pairs of boots I own...even a pair of cowboy boots (very gothabilly, no?). My faves are my platform Demonias, which I've had forever (but they are still holding up!), that are excellent stompy boots when hitting Bunker. My most versatile are the previously mentioned riding boots, which I wear with everything!

I wish I had time to take individual pics of me wearing all the boots...maybe a later post!

My newest addition is a cute pair of Victorian-style boots (you can't see them too well in the photo above...they are right next to the platform Demonias). They are so adorable, I love them! And I got them on clearance!

The best part of my boots, though? They are all cruelty-free and vegan! None of the boots I own are leather or made with animal products. This is probably the thing I am most proud of about my boots, and it was so easy to find affordable boots made of only man-made materials! Yay for compassion fashion!


  1. Thank you for joining in the September theme! I love your post title. Although at first I thought it said "These boots were made for shopping." "Stomping" is much more appropos, but you can see where my mind usually is. ;)

    A very nice boot line-up you have! And I love the style of your first photo; how the lacy edge of the frilly skirt is just showing along the bottom.

    You're the first Goth blogger I've encountered who goes to Bunker. We try to go once a month or so, but we stay in the Retro room downstairs. If you see me on the dancefloor sometime, come on over and say Hi! :)

  2. Shoes are one of the most difficult things for me to find, it seems everyone near me is hell bent on selling leather. I need to look online I think, to save me from wearing the 2 pairs of shoes that I have to death!

  3. I love your boot collection very much! I don't usually like cowboy boots, but I don't think I'd mind owning a pair like yours ;)
    And I love the frill to the skirt you're wearing with your boots in the first photo. I agree, it's a very cool photo.
    I also can't help myself when it comes to boots ^.^ I have plenty of pairs but I'm always on the prowl for a good deal or a pair I just really adore.
    Beautiful collection of boots!
    -Kelli <3
    (I think I have a pair that look like your Victorian-ish boots, but they were a gift so I'mnot sure exactly where they came from :)

  4. Thank you, VictorianKitty! It's an honor for you to read my blog! Perhaps we will see each other at Bunker sometime!

    Animal Lover, I love shopping for boots online, but I can usually find cruelty-free ones easily in stores, especially discounted stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshalls and so on (not sure if these are in your area, however). I am such a cheapskate when it comes to boots/clothes that I generally won't pay more than $60 for a pair of boots! Happy shopping!!!

    GlumPlum, thanks so much!! I can't help myself when it comes to boots either...every autumn it seems I pick up another pair! :)

  5. I have to say again that the lace frill on that skirt looks great, and your boot line up is quite impressive.


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