Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Leftovers: A Photo Post

Hello boils and ghouls!

I just wanted to share some leftover Halloween photos with you that I never got around to posting. The following were all taken on or in the days leading up to Halloween and include my photos of Disneyland, my costume and pumpkin carving on Halloween night! Please enjoy:

Me and my Halloween night pumpkin...I didn't blow the candle out 'til
Halloween was over!

 Me as Wednesday Addams and Mister
Spooky as a backwoods killer at a
Halloween party Halloween night dinner...a Vampire Burger
from the always amazing Native Foods
It even came with garlic fries!

 One of my vintage-looking Halloween lamps.
It stays up year-round. 

 Our Spooky entryway! 
This also stays the same year-round too! 

Halloween specials (above and below) at 


 A cute pumpkin I spotted at my favorite grocery store, Trader Joe's

Halloweentime at Disneyland! 
My favorite time of year to go!

I loved all the pumpkins throughout the whole park

 Dia de los Muertos at Disneyland!

 Ghost Mickey Mouse containers at Disneyland 

 Too cute Vinylmation figure! I have far too many
toys already so I resisted buying it

 Ghostly cupcakes

 Grim grinning jack-o-lanterns at the Haunted Mansion

 Jack Skellington taking over the Haunted Mansion 
for the holidays

 Wow! Disneyland actually had a pumpkin tree!! 
It was hidden in Frontierland, but I found it

 Haunted favorite :)
Luckily it was the first thing we rode when we arrived
cuz it kept breaking down the rest of the day!

Haunted Mansion entrance

In all its early morning gory, errr, I mean glory!

Inside the Mansion - Toys from Sandy Claws, Jack Skellington style!

One of my fave parts of the ride that has been "Nightmared"!
I love the snow and pumpkins!

 Dearly departed

 I won this cute lil' guy at a Halloween party!
Ok, actually Mister Spooky won him for me...
I'm ashamed to say he totally schooled me
in horror trivia!

 Our friend's amazing digs all decorated for the 
Halloween party!

My Wednesday Addams makeup


  1. Great pictures. Like the menu items too. Looks like you had a ball!

  2. Great collection of Halloween photos!! I had no idea Disneyland did all that for Halloween, now I want to go!

  3. What region do you live in? I wish I lived someplace where the restaurants kinda went all out like that.

    Well... Laughing Planet does leave their Godzillas up all year...

    Also, that vampire juice sounds bitchin'. Time to juice me some carrots and ginger.

  4. Thanks everyone!!

    Mantan Calaveras, to answer your question I live in Orange County, California! We are lucky to have lots of awesome vegan restaurants!

  5. Great photos! Thanks for sharing! I've never been to Disneyland before -- too cool. The Frankenstein toy is too cute - must find one for muah :]

  6. Yay another spooky vegan!!! Great photos and so happy I found your blog from links at the Ultimate Goth Guide. Looks like you and mr.spooky have the same height difference that my husband and I have too. Lol.

    You looked awesome on Halloween by the way!

  7. The Frankenstein monster is ridiculously cute.

    I'm sure Mr. Spooky is a lovely human being but good lord does he ever make a terrifying mad man. ;)

  8. Great photos! Now I want to go to Disney World for Halloween.

  9. So many awesome photos of your adventures I am jealous! I didn't get to do much myself but i plan to go all out next year! And your costume was awesome I think you pulled off Wednesday awesomely!

  10. Love your costume, Wednesday Addams is such an awesome characater!


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