Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Funday: Favorite Photos of the Week

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves this Thanksgiving...I know I sure did! I've been enjoying the loooong weekend by watching marathons of holiday horror movies (a huuuge top 20 list will be revealed during Creepmas next week!), eating leftovers and just being lazy. It's also been quite warm these past few days here in SoCal, so that gives me even more reason to stay inside!

However, the holiday is coming to a close and tomorrow it's back to work. Boo. To put me (and hopefully you!) in better spirits for the coming week, I figured I would do another Sunday Funday photo post! Last week's was so well-received that this will more than likely turn into a regular post. 

Without further ado, here are some photos from around the web (lots from Tumblr) that have caught my fancy this week. Disclaimer: Most photos did not have an original source listed. I do not claim ownership of any of these photos and they are merely reposted for your enjoyment.

Much love, Vampira

 I pinch!

 Big Bang of my fave TV shows!

 Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas re-imagined as 
Mary Poppins' characters!

 Haha! This is so true!

Beautiful Dita von Teese

 Um, this is me, like everyday!

I do this ALL the time!

 Loved this movie as a kid!!  Such an amazing poster!

 Tim Burton, I love you!

I dunno what this is from, but it sure is creepily beautiful!


  1. I loved Who Framed Roger Rabbit, too. Such a good movie! Love that Tim Burton quote. So, so true.

  2. Great Tim Burton quote...very true! ♫♫Soft kitty, warm kitty♫♫ Big Bang.

  3. Great selection. The Tim Burton quote is very poignant; Vampira is awesome; and Soft Kitty just made my day!!!

  4. Great photos. :) I love Roger Rabbit too and watched it way too many times as a kid.


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