Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me and New Years Resolutions

Today is my birthday (I am getting less and less excited about my birthday every year), and since I won't really be celebrating until next weekend when we go on a "glamping" (glamour camping) trip, I decided today would be the perfect day to share my 2012 resolutions with you. I usually don't do resolution lists, since I find them kind of passe and I'm more in the mindset of thinking that if you want change, you shouldn't wait until January 1st to implement it.

However, seeing as I want to make some major improvements in my life, I can't see a better time than my birthday to declare these intentions. And since my birthday falls on January 2nd, it pretty much perfectly aligns with the time for traditional "new years resolutions".

So, without further ado, in 2012 I resolve to:


1.) Relax - I am a fairly anxious person that gets stressed out very easily, so my #1 wish for 2012 is to relax, laugh and let it go. Stress and anxiety can be so unhealthy, especially if when experienced frequently. I immediately notice the physical aspects of stress and anxiety in my body - tight muscles, higher pulse, etc. To combat this, I will try some homeopathic remedies (I can't wait to try Bach Rescue Remedy Tincture), meditation and breathing exercises this year. If that doesn't work I may need to go to my doctor to discuss it. One way or another, though, I WILL get my anxiety under control!


2.) Exercise - Of course I'm sure this is on many people's list, but it is sooooo important! In 2011 I became a total couch potato. After starting a new, intense job, all I wanted to do when I got home was lay on the couch...and that is pretty much how I spent my evenings (especially since now we have Netflix streaming, Hulu Plus, etc. that give us endless and instant entertainment options). I completely neglected exercise in 2011 (and put on quite a few pounds to prove it). So this year I want to get healthier by exercising more often and on a more regular basis.


3.) Explore More - Speaking of being a couch potato, this really limited me from going out and exploring. There are so many places just in the city I live in where I haven't gone yet. If I put myself out there more, not only will I discover cool new places and people, but I think this will also make my life more fulfilling and in a way, more meaningful. Again, all I want to do after a hard day of work is lay on the couch, so this will be a, I don't want to drop $$ on dinner/drinks every night (not to mention the additional cost of gas), so this will definitely need some careful planning.

4.) Eat Healthier - I admit it, I am a junk food vegan. As long as dinner takes less than 10 minutes to prepare (or pick up) I am a happy camper. In 2012 I want to change that...I will stop relying on convenience foods (oh Gardein, I will miss thee!) and actually start making healthy meals for myself and Mister Spooky.


5.) Think Healthier - Health isn't just about being fit and eating healthy, it is also about thinking healthy. This resolution somewhat goes along with #1, in that reducing anxiety will help to develop a calm and positive mental mindset. I would like to banish negative thoughts, learn to live in the now and appreciate life more.


6.) Buy Less, Live More - I would love to stop spending so much of my hard-earned dough on stuff I want but don't really need. I am a horrible impulse shopper and if I want it, I have to have it. Whenever I want to buy something, I will ask myself, "do I really need that?" and "will I be glad I bought that in a week's/month's/year's time?". I will also think about what other uses my cash could go towards - donating to an animal sanctuary (I love Farm Sanctuary!) or even saving up for a vacation. I also need to keep reminding myself that buying things don't make you happy, experiences or people do! I especially love this article about redefining "luxury" from the A Little Minimalist blog! Buy Less, Live More should definitely be my motto in 2012!

I'll be taking these resolutions day by day, and hopefully they will stick in 2012!  I'll also be participating in Batfit, so I'm anticipating that will keep me accountable as well!

What are your resolutions for 2012?

Also, you can check out what I was doing last year during my birthday via this old post!


  1. Happy birthday! I, too, find myself getting less excited about mine every year.

    Your resolutions are very doable and reasonable! I think it's a good thing to have goals to work towards, no matter how long it may take to achieve them.

    I posted my goals, which are pretty much ongoing no matter, a few days ago. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I am especially fond of your "explore more" resolution. It's a good one.

  3. Very inspiring, can't wait to catch up with you this weekend!

  4. Happy birthday!

    If you ever want to talk anxiety contact me. I suffer from anxiety and know of some herbal treatments & yoga poses that work well!

  5. Happy Birthday! Good luck with your resolutions! I hope to eat healthier and exercise as well. Buy less is a great resolution too and I might try to do it. I have so many things I don't need but can't seem to stop buying more.

  6. hey happy birthday from a fellow nerd! so glad i found your blog XD good luck with your resolutions! ive gotta work on mine too...

  7. Great resolutions and a very Happy Birthday to you!!


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