Friday, August 14, 2015

Halloween 2015 at HomeGoods

Halloween 2015 at TJ Maxx/HomeGoods!

Finally made it into TJ Maxx's HomeGoods today to check out all their Halloween offerings! Let me tell you, I was so excited to check out their Halloween offerings that I had nightmares last night about not finding anything or people stealing the stuff I found there! I think it's safe to say I definitely have Halloween on the brain, ha!

HomeGoods is one of my favorite places to find decor that I use year-round, so I spent hours scouring their shelves for hidden Halloween treasures, and came away with quite a haul. I took some pictures so you could see what kind of spooky stuff they have this year - they said lots more is coming, too! Our season is SO here, fiends! A ton of pics can be found below:

 The pumpkin trees were neat, but way too sparkly - lots of those odd witch 
dolls around, too!

 This lil' vintage looking black cat was so adorable!

 Here he is again, with a matching black cat snowglobe! Kinda regretting not 
getting the snowglobe or the vintage cat, but I don't have much room for them.

 They had a few of these cool bust statues - another one they had was of 
Frankenstein's Monster. And the skeletons that hold a tealight were preetty rad!

 Bone bride and groom wall art.

 These lil' "speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil" gargoyles were stinking cute!

 A big prop cauldron and various other large-sized signs.

 Rather large (2 or 3 foot tall) candy holders.

 Swooning over this haunted house! And the owl behind it was really gorgeous!

 They had a few pieces of this framed glass artwork - this one says Trick or Treat, 
but there was also one that had a bat on it, another with a haunted house on it,
and a few other different designs. I love their look!

 You can't really tell, but this is the "oversize" section - that skull in the middle
was huge, as were all the pieces around him. I especially liked the big-head 
skellie, who I think serves as a candy bowl.

 OMG kitchen towels! I seriously have about 100 Halloween ones already, 
but of course I can NEVER pass up cute kitchen towels!

 Usually I'm not a fan of the whole "Keep Calm and...." phrase, but these glasses
caught my eye, especially the "Keep Calm and Spook On" one!

 These festive glasses looked handpainted with ghosts, pumpkins and witch hats!


 I love buying Halloween stuff that is functional and that I can use year-round, 
like all this kitchenware/tableware!

 Another weakness of mine? Halloween mugs. I love them all!

 These orange skull plates and Trick or Treat platter are PERFECT!

 More irresistibles! 

Skellies and skulls!

 Such pretty signs! 

 It doesn't get much more awesome than this Halloween baby buggy!

 And my first haul from HomeGoods this year - bat cupcake stand, bat and boo
mugs, bat on glass artwork, pumpkin mug (that also is big enough to double
as a bowl!), kitchen towels, keep calm glasses (I'll probably use them to put 
tea lights in), orange skull plates, raven bowl, more kitchen towels, and skull
tray. Success!

For those that are local and may be interested which HomeGoods store this is all from, I went to the one located at The District in Tustin, California.

Have you been to your local TJ Maxx's HomeGoods and found anything awesome yet this year?

Until next time, stay spooky, fiends!

Psssssst...check out Round 2 of Halloween at HomeGoods for all new goodies from other HomeGoods stores!


  1. I went to my HomeGoods last weekend and they had almost nothing out. I was very disappointed.

    I also am tired of "keep calm on and carry on". My brother heard me ranting about it and made one that said "swear and stomp your feet".

  2. Hello SV: I visited the Home Goods in El Segundo and Seal Beach, both fully stocked. Seal Beach had a bit more Halloween merchandise, and although both stores had some overlap, there were many different items at each location. I still can't seem to find the hearse that was pictured on the HalloweenForum site, however, I have never seen the spider web baby buggy that you have photographed. Also, never saw the skull bride & groom portraits -- and really like them. Guess I will have to drive to Tustin. Home Goods is always on my 'must visit' shopping list for Halloween -- and happily, they put their stuff out in August. This year, thanks to your blog, I will be making the trip to Roger's Gardens to see their Halloween spread. Thanks, SV, keep up the great work! -- JB


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