Monday, January 25, 2016

Conjure Up the Fatally Yours Gourmet Chocolate Box for Valentine's Day

Last year, I was lucky enough to get my claws on the Fatally Yours Gourmet Chocolate Box for Saint Valentine's Day (see my dissection of the boo-tiful chocolate box HERE) and it was such a lovely, decadent treat! Who doesn't like to receive chocolate skulls, bones, coffins, and anatomically-correct hearts to devour on Valentine's Day?!

This year's Fatally Yours' chocolate box looks to be even more extravagant than last years, if you can believe it! And there are two different versions - the regular limited edition box, which runs for $87, or the ultimate limited edition box, which will set you back $115. Read on for the Fatally Yours box description and contents:

Black as your soul, this LIMITED EDITION Fatally Yours Gourmet Chocolate box is absolutely to die for. 

Packaged appropriately in a custom black heart with gold-embossed “Fatally Yours”. Each chocolate is delicately handmade and finished in gold leaf before being placed in a custom made insert tray for extra protection before conjuring.

Each box comes with a custom Vegan Treats chocolate planchette. You will also receive a Fatally Yours sticker and pin.

In total, you will receive 19 pieces of premium, handmade and abysmally dark chocolates including:

  • Blood-red velvet filled Swiss chocolate
  • Speculoos marshmallow chunk filled anatomically correct hearts
  • Peanut butter cup coffins
  • White chocolate humerus bones
  • Black coffee blues caramel cup
  • Black raspberry-filled Swiss chocolate
  • White chocolate Skeletal hands
  • Passion-less fruit with fragrant Madagascar vanilla bean
  • Jumbo caramel cookie stix skull
  • Hazelnut praline crunch skull
  • Custom Vegan Treats Planchette

The Ultimate Limited Edition Fatally Yours box also comes with Betterfingers, Twin caramel cookie stix, and Speculoos truffles. 

I adore the Ouija board design of the box, and the chocolate planchettes are such a clever touch! I LOVED my Fatally Yours box last year, and all the gourmet chocolates are definitely worth the price. They are all vegan, handmade and hand-packaged. Plus, the company that makes these fabulous chocolates, Vegan Treats, is a wonderful small vegan business that should be supported. 

Show your love this Valentine's Day and conjure up the Fatally Yours Gourmet Chocolate Box for yourself or your spectral someone. 

The box always sells out, so hurry and order yours from Vegan Treats!


  1. These look great...the box itself is cool! Is the box pretty high quality, and able to be used again? I want to keep it as decoration for a long, long time!

    1. Yes, it is sturdy and high quality - I still have mine from last year that I use to store mementos in! <3

    2. How do I order this? I keep trying to get one.

    3. Where can I get them? Is there a certain time of year?

    4. How do I order this? I keep trying to get one.

    5. They are only available around Valentine's Day through It's a seasonal item.

  2. Ugh, every year I say I'm going to buy it, but I never can seem to submit my order for $130 after shipping lol! It's absolutely stunning, and I'm sure decadent indeed! I'm going all out this year for my attempt at a DIY version instead, although I'm pretty sure I could spend $130 in no time on all the super cute chocolate molds I keep window shopping online lmao! Oh well, at least they are reusable right lol?

  3. where can i buy these in in the uk xxx

    1. They are only sold through Vegan Treats ( and I'm not sure it they do international shipping, but you can check their site!


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