Saturday, January 16, 2016

Spooky Sounds: Justin Rekt's "The Monster" EP

Full disclosure: I am very well acquainted with the musician Justin Rekt, as he happens to be Mister Spooky himself! That means I can appreciate all the hard work and long hours that went into creating this album, but even I am blown away by how incredible the songs on "The Monster" sound!

The EP includes four songs of spooky synth sounds and eerie electronics, with catchy hooks that get stuck in your head. The songs have a synthwave/retrowavefeel with a little extra edge and bite. And even after listening to them many, many times, I still find them fresh and can listen to them again and again! And they are so versatile - I can listen to them to relax or to get pumped!

It was written and produced by Justin Rekt, with additional production, mixing and mastering by Tony Kim of Dance With the Dead, and cover artwork by Daniel Bradford.

Enough gushing, though, I hope you'll give "The Monster" a listen and consider purchasing it to support indie artists!

You can find more info on Justin Rekt and his music by checking out his Bandcamp, Instagram, and Twitter!

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