Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Food Review: Little Secrets Salted Peanut Dark Chocolate Candies

These little candies eluded me at Expo West, but I finally found them at Sprouts grocery stores! The brand, Little Secrets, has several other varieties of candies that are vegan (the Raspberry and Dark Chocolate), but my heart belongs to these Salted Peanut Dark Chocolate Candies, which are pretty much an exact vegan dupe for Peanut M&Ms, which I loved in my pre-vegan days!

As many other bloggers confirmed directly with the company at Expo West, the confectioner's glaze used in this particular product is vegan as it is derived from coconuts rather than bugs (which is where confectioner's glaze usually comes from, yuck)! I hope more and more companies start using coconuts rather than bugs for confectioner's glaze (Trader Joe's is already doing it in some of their products). In addition to being vegan, I also adore that these candies are Fair Trade Certified and most contain 55% Fair Trade cocoa! Plus, they don't contain any artificial colors, flavors, additives, corn syrup. Just simple, yummy ingredients.

Nutritional info and ingredients - plus their packaging is cute!

As noted above, they do have a few flavors that aren't vegan (the Toasted Coconut, Peanut Butter, and Spiced Pumpkin Pie candies contain dairy or dairy by-products, blegh), but I hope that after the positive response they have received from the vegan community that they consider switching some ingredients so all their products are vegan! I mean, they shouldn't tease me with a Spiced Pumpkin Pie candy but then put dairy in it (they definitely lost some points with me there). Go 100% vegan, Little Secrets!

However, for now I am seriously nuts about these Salted Peanut Dark Chocolate candies, which are conveniently available to order on Amazon (who doesn't want chocolate delivered directly to their door?!) as well as in grocery stores like Sprouts or Whole Foods for around $4.99 for a 5 oz. bag. Yes, it is a little pricey, but once you taste them you will understand!

Check out all their flavors with full ingredient lists on the Little Secrets website!


  1. Yum! I'd love to try these, I remember really enjoying peanut M&M's back in the day.

  2. The company specifically says that the sugar they source is processed in a non-vegan way (bone char I assume). So most vegans would not eat them. It's listed in their FAQ's.

    1. Thanks for the info! I'm aware of this, even though Little Secrets released this information after this review was posted. Have you tried Unreal? They have some vegan options and I believe they have a vegan peanut M&M's dupe! As for the sugar, I used to stress out about things with sugar in them and worried they were being processed with bone char. However, I realized that we don't live in a vegan world, and there are a lot of other things that are processed/made in a non-vegan way, with no practical way to avoid them all. I also thought about the animals and if this level of purity was really helping them. I know others may feel differently, but many vegans have come to the same conclusion I have - that stressing about sugar isn't really productive. Also, the bone char sugar production method is thankfully becoming rarer, and the bone char itself does not end up in the final product. Everyone can make their own choices, of course, I just thought I would share a different perspective regarding processed sugar.

  3. I think it's totally fine that you are ok with the sugar and eating these as some other people are but the products aren't vegan so calling them such over and over in your review is misleading. Even the company states they are not vegan. I know your review was written after the company released this info but it would be awesome if you updated your review to state this somewhere rather than just talking about it in the comments.


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