Saturday, August 13, 2016

Halloween 2016 at Homegoods

Halloween at Homegoods has arrived!

UPDATE: Check out Part 2!

I've been waiting and waiting for my local TJ Maxx/Homegoods store to start putting out their Halloween items and FINALLY found some yesterday! They don't have much out in the way of home decor, at least not compared to the stock they usually have, so I think more is coming (fingers crossed!). I'll keep checking back until they have more Halloween decor and report back with any more findings. Despite Homegoods not having too much decor yet, they did have some pretty neat pieces and lots of kitchen and table goods.

You can see what I found in my first round at Homegoods below:

 This riot of orange greeted me when I walked through Homegoods' doors!

 Cute little witch dolls and lots of knick-knacks.

 Autumn and Halloween pillows! The one with numbers is a countdown calendar
to Halloween and there was a beaded spiderweb one under that, plus the usual
pumpkins and autumn prints!

These bags were in the kids' decor section. 



This hearse was so cool! I think it was ceramic but I couldn't find a price on it.

 Adorable autumn stuffed animals!

 Huge copper jack-o-lantern kettles.

 They had these HUGE sleepy hollow sculptures. They were so cool but
I just don't have room for something so big.

 Gigantic woven pumpkins - no idea what they would be used for, I wish they
were like bean bag chairs or something! Plus a really tall light-up 
jack-o-lantern, skeleton and headless horseman statue.

 Kitchen stuffs! Loved the candy bowls shaped like jack-o-lanterns, black
cats, and ghosts!

More kitchen goodies - the skull plates are so creepy-cute!

Look on the second shelf behind the silver skull candy bowls - that 
gravestone cookie jar had to be mine!

Ok, gonna need a bigger kitchen - that cat and haunted house are the most
adorable cookie jars!

 Tableware that's a bit more "adult" and autumn-y!

 Stunning spiderweb plates!

 Mean muggin'.

And my haul - I got two baskets, the RIP cookie jar, bat candle pillars, a 
trick or treat mug (one side says "trick," the other says "treat"),
 a light-up jack-o-lantern, and black cat plate!

Have you found anything at your local Homegoods yet? 

UPDATE: Check out photos from my second visit to Homegoods, with brand new items!


  1. Just visited the El Segundo Home Goods and the Westchester Home Goods. They don't have much out yet. The housewares are out in force, but the decorations seem understocked this year. I didn't see the hearse or the headless horseman. There were some large skulls, some with gemstones, and some tall pumpkin figures. Lots of orange pumpkins and gold skulls & skeletons & pumpkins. I will check back next weekend. I am a bit torn: they don't have much that I really want, but I also don't have room for much more, so it may be a good thing. Will check back next weekend… Jen Baby

  2. BTW, I like the bat candlesticks, but my Home Goods didn't have them. They did, however, have a topiary pumpkin set, very similar to the orange stacked pumpkins you purchased, that had white pumpkins with bat carvings. -- Jen Baby

  3. At the HomeGoods in Petaluma, I found soooo much cute stuff! I really wanted the candy corn/skull juke box and candelabras but they were pricy. I stuck with getting Trick or Treat plates, skull salt and pepper shakers and a Frankenstein mug (which unfortunately the mummy broke off the back since the cashier didn't wrap anything glass, just tossed it in a bag together).


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