Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Recap: Grave Harvest Halloween Festival 2016

This past Sunday I attended the first ever Grave Harvest Halloween festival and convention at The Hotel Fullerton in Fullerton, California! I had been excited about the event for quite some time since many of my favorite vendors were going to be there and it was located right here in Orange County!

The event showcased some incredible vendors, who had everything from Halloween- and horror-inspired artwork to jewelry to t-shirts to furniture to dolls to books to games to collectibles to props to animatronics and so on! There were two full rooms of vendors, and that's where I spent almost all my time. There was so much to look at!

Besides vendors, the event also had presentations from haunt professionals, book signings, special guests signing autographs, and workshops. For all this, tickets were only $15 and parking was free! The Hotel Fullerton venue was perfect - there was plenty of parking (free!) and lots of room to roam around. It well a very well-curated event, and the vibe there was very relaxed and friendly! It really felt like a Halloween community event and the turn-out was great! I am already looking forward to next year's event since this year was such a haunting hit!

Check out photos from the event below:

 A friendly zombie greeted guests as they arrived!

 Creepy masks from Blood and Teeth

 I would love to have this pumpkinhead in my house year-round! What a
dapper gentlepumpkin!

 Haunted Orange County booth! They have lots of neat tours coming up,
check them out!

 New (or at least new to me) t-shirt company called DRKLGHT Clothing - I 
really dug their designs and they have a lot occult, LGBTQ, straight-edge, 
horror, and geek shirts!

 I could get behind these presidential nominees from Tee No Evil! Also the 
artwork next to their booth was phenomenal, but I didn't get the artist's name!

Look at all this booty from Tyrannical Piratical Treasures 

 Monster Maker Lab and their cute creations

 One of my favorite jewelry vendors, Frightwares!

 Unliving portrait by AtmosFX! This was so cool, it's a moving image that 
reacts when you stand in front of it! They had lots of other versions, too, 
and they released a Trick 'r Treat inspired one this year!

 So many fun earrings by Madame Whiskers!

More from Madame Whiskers - jewelry, hair accessories, pins, and 
prayer candles!

 This creepy dude was amazing and would just stand in one place for a
long time creeping people out!! Also behind him is special guest Philip
Friedman, the talented actor behind the Insidious old woman villain!

 Giant crab, props, masks, body parts, monkeys - just everyday necessities!

Chop Top Table Tops has some incredible decoupaged tables and serving trays,
like this Beetlejuice-themed table! They will also make custom ones!

Hand-painted vinyl record art by Crude Inc.

 Coffin-shaped kitty scratching post made by Halloween Psycho!

 I was so tempted to take Michael home with me! Coffin-shaped artwork by

 Artwork by HumAlong Productions

Loved these gore-geous dolls by Dreadful Little Things!

 My fiendish favorite vendor from the event was Miss Havisham's and her
dreadfully delightful tea cups! I NEED THEM ALL! Clockwise from top left
they read: "We hate your baby," "You are tedious,", "I hope you choke," and
"Stop talking."

 Miss Havisham's booth and more of her cheeky tea cups: "Please go die,"
 "Kindly fuck off," "I could poison you,"

There were so many tempting items at Grave Harvest, and I wanted them all! I finally settled on a few pieces; here are the goodies I ended up purchasing at the event:

 Coffin shelf from Halloween Psycho and necklaces, rings, and earrings from 

 Here is a closer look at the jewelry from Madame Whiskers - bat earrings, 
Halloween III ring, Stay Spooky necklace, upside down bat necklace, and 
Stay Spooky ring! 

 I also bought this framed bat skeleton from artist Michelle Prebich from 
Bat in Your Belfry! I love her art and purchased several pieces when I 

Big thanks to Miss Kerry for helping to cover and photograph the event!

For more info on future events, check out Abracadaver Events' website and follow them on Facebook!

Stay spooky!

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