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11 Things I Can't Wait to Eat at Vegan Street Fair: San Diego Nights

Who else can't wait for Vegan Street Fair: San Diego Nights this Saturday?! Vegan Street Fair is an event near and dear to my heart - their annual Los Angeles event has always been a blast (check out my coverage from this year and past years: 2018. 2017, 2016, 2015). I've never attended one of their nighttime events, but I am so stoked to be checking out my very first one this Saturday, May 12th from 5PM to midnight at Anthem Vegan in San Diego!

Vegan Street Fair: San Diego Nights is a more intimate affair than the daytime festival and it's like having a block party with the best people and food! VeganFatKid has curated the 10 vendors that will be there and they look awesome! The vendor menus were recently unleashed and I've been daydreaming about all the vegan things I'm going to eat this Saturday night and making a plan of what I want to eat (since I won't be able to eat everything, even though I want to!!). I'm so excited that I want to share my list of things I can't wait to eat at Vegan Street Fair with you!

Check out the 11 dishes and drinks I'm most excited to eat at Vegan Street Fair: San Diego Nights:

Anthem Vegan - I am so down for their Karne Asada Tacos ($8) that they will be serving at VSF (note: the tacos pictured above aren't their Karne Asada Tacos). I am excited to try their food since I have never had it before, and of course I'm gonna go with their tacos at VSF! They will also be serving up sliders ($4), Sriracha Ranch Steak Sandwiches ($8), and Karne Asada Sandwiches ($8).

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Aguas Veganas - Mmmmmmm how refreshing does this Pink Strawberry Horchata ($5) look?! I immediately gravitated toward the strawberry horchata, though they will also be serving plain horchata and a variety of aguas frescas including pineapple and cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe and orange, and lemon, cucumber and mint.

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Cena Vegan - Can you believe I have not yet had Cena Vegan eats?! Me neither!! I am looking forward to getting my hands on their Nacho Boat ($10), but I am also tempted by their Taco A La Carte ($4) or Taco Trio ($10), Big Vegan Burrito ($10), or Plato de Cena Vegan ($12)!

Charlie's Brownies - Charlie's never disappoints, and they will have their delectable brownies and blondies ($4) available, plus their Ice Cream Sandwich ($9), and Deluxe Sundae ($11) with all the fixings! I'm really looking forward to their Ice Cream Sandwich and snagging some extra brownies to go is always a good plan!

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Donna Jean - Oh, how I adore Donna Jean (read about my first time there HERE!) and I cannot wait to get their Nashville Hot Shrooms ($5) again! Also available will be their Vandouvan Carrots ($4) and Patty Melt ($10).

Food Art by Lauren - This food truck is bringing it with their Chik-Un Sandwich ($15)! Can't wait to sink my fangs into this beauty! They will also be serving up Cheesy Truffle Popcorn ($4), Popcorn Chik-Un ($4), Crispy Potatoes ($8), Raw Mango Tart ($8), and Thai Peanut Kale Salad ($13).

Plant Food for People - Yaaaaaaas so happy PFFP will be there! They have the Torta ($10) of my dreams! They will also be offering Tacos ($3.50), Super Crazy Tacos ($4.50), Nachos ($10), and Bowls ($10).

Scandylous Delights - Who can resist funnel cake? Not me, and I want the Strawberry Funnel Cake ($10) soooo bad! They will also serve Pretzels with Sweet Mustard Sauce ($4), Plain Funnel Cakes ($8), Chocolate with Candied Pecans Funnel Cakes ($10), and The Works Funnel Cakes ($12). My sweet tooth is calling!

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Veganation - I have missed out on this vendor at past events, and I vow to not miss them this time because I NEED their Cajun Southern Fried Chicken with Garlic Herb Fried ($15)!! I mean, just look at this all-vegan wonder! They will also have 1 piece of Cajun Southern Fried Chicken ($4), Garlic Herb Fries ($7), and assorted Izze Sodas ($3).

Vegan by Victorias - Delectable pastries and other veganized treats will be served up here, including beautiful Besos ($4) that I can't wait to eat! They will also have Conchas ($3), Cookies in varieties like Sprinkles, Chocolate Chip, and Happy Face ($4), Elotes ($4), and Champurrado ($5).

Word of Mouth Truck - This food truck has so many yummy goodies, but their Mac and Cheese Bites ($8) pictured above are high on my list of must-tries! Other offerings at VSF will include a Black Bean Slider ($4), Sriracha Chick'n Salad Sandwich, Fried Chick'n Sandwich, and assorted sodas ($3.50).

You can check out the full menus from all 10 vendors HERE!

If tickets are still available (they are going super-fast), you can snag them HERE!

Check out Vegan Street Fair's website, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more updates and to see if they are coming to a city near you!

What are you most excited to eat?

Stay spooky and see you in San Diego!

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