Monday, May 7, 2018

Goth Guide to Summer: 31 Goth Essentials to Survive the Sun

Temperatures are heating up, the days are getting longer, and we are going to be in the middle of summer before you know it! In my opinion, the only good thing about summer is that Halloween season will immediately follow, so I just have to get through it.

If you are a darkling like me who wears black year-round and hates the heat, you are probably looking for ways to keep cool while still staying spooky. Lucky for you, I've been on the hunt for goth essentials like fearsome fashions, eerie accessories, and so much more that will make summer a little more bearable for us spooky kids. I've found 31 macabre must-haves for surviving summer the spooky way, check them out below:

1.) Coffin Pool Float by BlackCraft - If you're throwing or attending a pool party this summer, you need this coffin-shaped pool float!! This is so perfect on so many levels it might actually get me to go near a pool this summer!

2.) Ghoul Babe Pumpkin Patch Swimsuit - Halloween babes deserve spooky swimsuits, and Ghoul Babe delivers with this hauntingly adorable suit covered in jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, haunted houses, spiderwebs, and other spooks! They also have other prints and cuts available!

3.) Lucretia Skull Portrait Baroque Cateye Sunglasses - Protect your peepers from the sun with these to-die-for handmade cat eye sunglasses featuring skull cameos on either side.

4.) Black Widow Shroud - Use this as a cover up over your swimsuit to keep that spooky vibe at the beach or pool, or throw this over an outfit for coverage while still staying cool!

5.) Kreepsville Elvira Coffin Beach Towel - Now you can bring the Mistress of the Dark with you to the beach or pool. Plus, this towel is coffin-shaped for extra goth points.

6.) Killstar Maya Brim Hat - Made with synthetic vegan wool and faux leather, this hat will block the evil rays of the sun and protect your face.

7.) Skull Mesh Top - How perfectly airy and light does this mesh top look?! You could layer it over a tank top or swimsuit, wear it with shorts or pants, or dress it up or down. I also love that their is a subtle skull print on the black parts of the shirt.

8.) Killstar Dark Arts Bralette - I am really digging the pattern of black cats, skulls, planchettes, and other spooky symbols on this bralette. And the purple color really pops! This would be a cute peek-a-boo top under a sheer black cover-up, like the skull mesh top above! Killstar also has this print on a variety of other products like wallets and totes!

9.) Chemical Black Jasmin Shorts - I usually loathe shorts and only wear them when I absolutely have to, but I am really digging these! The leg harnesses add some extra edge (and could add some interesting tan lines if you forget sunscreen!) and I like how they aren't too short or too long.

10.) Demonia Black Bat Stacked Sandals - How adorable are these vegan platform sandals featuring bats and spiderwebs? Wearing sandals feels so nice in summer, and these ensure you keep it creepy along with being comfortable.

11.) Ghoul Babe Summer Goth Crop Top - Where are my '90s babes at? This sweet 'n' spooky crop top totally reminds me of that era, especially with its daisy flower! This is a great tee for goths that actually love summer.

12.) Killstar New Moon Maxi Skirt - This easy-breezy skirt in soft chiffon features a fishtail back and fitted waist with zip closure. It looks so light and airy, and I love that it is decorated with a beautiful design of moons, moths and sigils.

13.) Sourpuss Spiderweb Parasol - Keep the sun off of you and look creepy cute doing it with this spiderweb parasol! Sourpuss has a ton of other parasol designs if this one isn't to your liking.

14.) Deandri Sully Dress - I think this lovely little black dress would be perfect for summertime romps through your local cemetery! It comes with a reversible lace-up corset belt and Deandri's signature color. Deandri is a local Los Angeles woman-owned company and her clothing is gorgeous and high-quality.

15.) Drklght Clothing Disney Goth Tee - If you're planning a trip or vacation to any of the Disney parks this summer or are a Disney fan in general, you NEED this incredible tee from Drklght Clothing! This is the first and best Disney Goth tee, accept no imitations!

16.) Sourpuss Spiderweb Fan - The perfect match to the parasol above, this fan will come in handy when you find yourself waiting in line outside at your favorite summer festival or concert. It may not seem like much, but you'll be grateful when you have it and it helps to cool you off!

17.) I'm Only Happy When It Rains Rounded Sunglasses - These are SO IDEAL for me as well as other darklings who are not fond of the sun! Crank up the Garbage tune of the same name, slip these on and make it through another grueling summer.

18.) Black Moon Cosmetics Castle Lipstick - I am absolutely smitten with all of Black Moon Cosmetics' lipsticks, and their new Castle shade is no different. This metallic gray color is striking and unique, perfect for summer when you may want to keep the rest of your makeup minimal!

19.) Black Willow Gallery Bruja Tank - Add some witchiness to your summer with this Bruja tank from one of my favorite shops, Black Willow Gallery! This tank is super-soft, made with organic cotton, and will keep you creepy cool.

20.) Goosebumps Ra-Ra Skirt - Relive your childhood and reminisce about the awesomeness of the Goosebumps TV show with this cute tiered skirt, featuring the Goosebumps log and spiderwebs. It looks comfy and perfect for staying cool on a hot summer day.

21.) Widow Like Tears in Rain Wrap Dress - How perfect does this wrap dress look for summer? You could dress it down or up depending on your mood, and add a light sweater or jacket over it if it's chilly where you are. I love the lace detailing on the shoulders!

22.) Pyknic Morning Ritual Tank - For those lazy summer mornings, I love this mo(u)rning ritual tank from Pyknic (they have soooo many other amazing designs too!). I know I can't start my day without my cup of coffee, especially on hot summer mornings when all I want to do is blast the AC and crawl back in bed instead of facing the heat!

23.) Bone Tulle Skirt - I am all about flowy, sheer skirts in summer and I simply adore this skeleton one! I think it would look great with the Morning Ritual tee above.

24.) Swell Coffee Company Beach Goth Brew - "She doesn't care for the sun but she loves the ocean." OMG, it's me! Beach Goth is a combination of rich chocolatey Mexican coffee and sweet vibrant natural processed Ethiopian coffee. This would make the perfect iced coffee and would certainly help me get out of bed on summer mornings.

25.) Creepin It Real Beach Bag - Creep it real with this tote bag, perfect for stashing all your beach and pool necessities, along with your summer reading stack.

26.) Seance Perfumes "The Medium" - You need a light but intoxicating scent to wear for summer, and this one from Seance Perfumes seems perfect for the season, featuring notes of white floral, creamy coconut, ripened peach, and antiqued leather. Their perfumes are vegan and cruelty-free, and come in many more unforgettable scents.

27.) Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighter in Jellyfish - I am in loooooove with the new Moonlighter highlighters inspired by bioluminescense and this Jellyfish shade looks like an iridescent purple-y blue when hit with light. All of their Moonlighter shades are gorgeous, but this one has the most summer-y feel.

28.) Pollux and Key The Dark Arts Charcoal and Tea Tree Facial Bar - Summer weather always makes my skin freak out, so this handmade, vegan, detoxifying facial bar from Pollux and Key looks amazing. Its ghostly swirl contains hardwood activated charcoal to draw out impurities combined with gentle olive and coconut oils to wash dirt away while tamanu oil and tea tree essential oil combine to soothe sensitive skin and to calm redness.

29.) Cellar Door Bath Supply Company Tobacco and Oakmoss Candle - I'm not really a fan of flower or fruity candles, but I love richer, deeper smells, like this candle that is scented like pipe tobacco, oakmoss, and black vanilla. Cellar Door makes my favorite candles - they are soy-based, vegan, and have the best scents that fill my whole house! I love lighting candles during summer to evoke a more autumn-like atmosphere in my sanctuary.

30.) Bare Republic SPF 50 Spray and Mineral Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 - Everyone should protect their skin, but many sunscreens contain ingredients that are proving harmful to our oceans, including destroying corals and reefs. Luckily, Bare Republic is a brand that is reef-friendly and uses plant-based ingredients. Most of their products, including the two above, are vegan and cruelty-free (just be wary of their lip balms and potentially other products that contain beeswax). You will be protecting yourself and the ocean when you choose their products.

31.) Mad Bombers Crypt Coffin Moon Lake Musk Bath Bomb - When you just want to hide inside and relax in a soothing bath, this foaming bath bomb is the perfect escape from summertime.

What else would you add to this list? Do you have any favorite goth products you can't live without during the summertime?

Here is hoping we all keep creepy and cool this summer!

Stay spooky, fiends!


  1. Nice list!! I feel much better prepared for those stupid summertime months now. ^_^ Thanks!!

    1. Thank you and my pleasure!! It definitely helps make summer more bearable! <3

  2. Lol. My company owns Swell Coffee.

  3. Lol. My company owns Swell Coffee.

  4. The coffin floaty is to die for! Although $70 is not an ideal price for me. Great list ♡

  5. This is a great list, but how about some hats to keep that pesky sun off our faces? (Seriously, I legit get hives all summer because of that flaming ball of gas that just won't let up)

  6. I found some ideas. Thank you! Danke!


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