Monday, September 10, 2018

Beistle's Halloween 2018 Vintage Decorations + Retro Halloween Playlist

The Beistle Company is one of the oldest manufacturers of holiday and party decorations in the United States, founded in 1900. Even if you aren't familiar with the name, once you see their Halloween decorations you will recognize them. They are known for being the innovators of holiday decorations, making high-quality decor and party supplies that regular people could buy easily and affordably. Their original vintage decorations are highly sought after today by collectors and fans. Luckily, the Beistle Company makes reproductions of their vintage Halloween decor, so you can purchase and enjoy them without having to break the bank.

I was fortunate to receive some of Beistle's vintage Halloween reproductions to share with you. I have been a big fan of their vintage reproductions for some time now, and was excited to have the opportunity to check out some of their delightful decor. Their decor is really versatile and they offer so many different kinds that you will have no problem finding what is right for you! They offer cut-outs that can be placed on walls and windows, stand-up decor that can be placed on tabletops, hanging decor, banners, plates and napkins, favor boxes, jointed decor (like skeletons and pumpkins), and so much more! I also like the idea of framing some of my favorites so I an display them year-round. If you are looking to add a vintage Halloween vibe to your decor, Beistle is exactly what you want.

In addition to sharing how I decorated with Beistle's classic Halloween decorations, I also put together a retro playlist, filled with vintage Halloween songs that will put you in the spooky spirit! Check this all out below:

 So much good stuff! Don't these decorations give you all the retro
Halloween vibes?!

 Swooning over this black cat (part of Beistle's Halloween Classic Cutouts)
and honeycomb clown centerpiece (part of a pack of four centerpieces). 

The design of the black cat shown above, along with the rest of the die cuts in the Halloween Classic Cutouts pack, were originally introduced in 1929. The cutouts are printed on both sides so they can be used to decorate a window or a wall! The orange honeycomb tissue centerpiece design dates back to 1929 - other designs in the pack include a witch, a black cat, and a lady carving a pumpkin. Each design has a character printed on the front facing front, and the back features the rear of the character. They are perfect for displaying on tabletops, windowsills, countertops, desks and more for a fun vintage feel.

 Look at all this boo-tiful decor!

 Close-up of the witch centerpiece and black cat stand-up decor 

The witch centerpiece above is part of the collection from 1929 I talked about previously. The fluorescent cat is a reproduction of a design from 1970. The cat is special in that it can be assembled so it stands up to sit on any flat surface! The collection includes four of these 3D cats in different poses and all are printed on both sides. In addition to four cats, the fluorescent cutouts collection includes other designs, including cutouts of black cats, owls, a witch, and a haunted house. I love the retro feel of these fluorescent designs, I think they would look fantastic at a retro-themed Halloween party!

 Black cat tissue dancer (part of a pack of three - the other two are a witch 
and a skeleton) and close up of a black cat on the Halloween streamer.

How adorable is this black cat tissue dancer?! The original design was released 1929, and in addition to the black cat, comes with a witch and skeleton. Everyone is delighted by these whimsical tissue dancers, and they really make the perfect addition to vintage decor! Originally released in 1960, the Halloween streamer features black cats, jack-o-lanterns, witches, and owls. 

Halloween Skull Paper Lanterns, Halloween centerpieces in clown and black
cat designs, ghost die-cut (from the Halloween Classic Cutouts collection), 

I love the close-up shot of this decor!

 Here are the stand-up cats on my windowsill, along with a few of the other
cutouts from the fluorescent collection along with some jack-o-lantern die-cuts!

The jack-o-lantern die-cuts made their first appearance in the early 1900s and have been popular since! The pumpkin pack includes eight distinct jack-o-lanterns of varying sizes. Like the fluorescent cut-outs (and most of Beistle's designs), they are double-sided and perfect for window or wall decor!

 This devilish cat was one of my faves from the Halloween Classics Cutout
Collection! It features a little black cat holding up a devil mask. He fits
right in to my pumpkin patch.

 Another absolute favorite - the Halloween Totem Pole Cutouts!

This design was originally produced in 1966 and features six separate die-cuts which can be displayed separately or stacked to create a totem. They are double-sided so you can display in windows or on walls.

You can see all of Beistle's delightful designs on their website,, or on their vintage Halloween site,!

Some of their designs are also available on Amazon, I've included a few Beistle decor items in my Amazon collection of Halloween decor!

BONUS: Check out my playlist of vintage Halloween songs, A Spooky Vintage Halloween, to inspire you while you decorate this Halloween season!

Until next time, stay spooky!


  1. So much fun! I love how you decorated with all of these items, Sarah. The pops of green are a ton of fun.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful stuff. Their style just evokes classic Halloween, to me. That arched-back black cat is straight out of my memory.

  3. Following your playlist NOW! You know we love sharing spooky tunes with you!

  4. So you said, "Luckily, the Beistle Company makes reproductions of their vintage Halloween decor, so you can purchase and enjoy them without having to break the bank." But what is the site where I can purchase the reproductions and not break my bank?

    1. It is linked multiple times above - try checking the last paragraph for numerous options where to buy them.


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