Thursday, November 8, 2018

Next Year's Halloween Bucket List

Looking back at my completed bucket list from Halloween 2018, I did A LOT, far more than I ever thought possible (and dang proud of myself for completing so much)! After seeing how much I was able to squeeze in, I'm starting to think ambitious thoughts about next year's Halloween season! So, I thought I'd jot down some of my wish list items for next year's Halloween season and share them with you below:

Haunted Overload - One of my goals next year is to get in some traveling, and my top destination is Haunted Overload in New Hampshire! It is a simply gorgeous haunt built in the woods of New England. If you have seen video or photos of it, you know it is jaw-droppingly amazing! I can't wait to visit there (and I know I'll want to stay forever)!

Salem, Massachusetts - Speaking of traveling, I would love to pop into Salem next fall as well - I'd rather visit during the off season, like in September or November, since October looks so touristy and crowded, but if I'm over on that coast for Haunted Overload I may as well visit Salem for a day. I'm sure there are tons of other incredible things to see/do in autumn in New England!

Mr. Bone's Pumpkin Patch - This pumpkin patch in Culver City, California is seriously swoon-worthy, filled with houses built out of pumpkins and other elaborate pumpkin displays. I've driven by it several times, but never stopped! I need to remedy that next year.

Apple Picking - I have never gone apple picking, though every year I want to! Next year I hope to take a little day trip up to the mountains to find an apple orchard (hopefully with an adjacent pumpkin patch!) to spend a delightful fall day.

LA Haunted Hayride / Queen Mary's Dark Harbor / Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights / Warner Bros. Horror Made Here - I did all these major attractions this year and I want to do them all again next year, too!

Knott's Scary Farm - I still haven't made it to Knott's for their Halloween haunt in years! It's one of the closest attractions to me but every year I somehow seem to miss it. Hopefully next year I can actually attend!

This was a few years ago when I threw on a cozy bat costume

Wear a Costume - When we used to throw Halloween parties, I loved picking out a theme and basing my costume on that (or picking a costume and then working a theme around that, haha!). I never did anything too elaborate, but it was fun dressing up! Since we stopped having Halloween parties, I also stopped dressing up as much. I usually throw on something simple to pass out candy to trick or treaters, and we usually don't go to Halloween parties, so I haven't really worn a costume for quite some time. Next year, I hope to actually get dressed up!

Bake More - I've gotten into the habit of just buying vegan Halloween treats like cookies, pies, etc., but next year I'd like to bake more on my own and buy less pre-prepared goodies.

Photo from 2012 of old graves in Calistoga, CA (see more 

Spend Halloween night in a cemetery - My ideal Halloween would be spent honoring the souls of the dead in a cemetery. Though this activity may seem more appropriate for Dia de los Muertos...mmmm, maybe I should visit Mexico the day after Halloween at the start of Dia de los Muertos so I can do this. At the very least I'd like to visit some historical cemeteries around Halloween.

Spend Less Money on Stuff - I always get caught up in the furious delight of Halloween shopping - starting in July/August and going pretty much through October (and sometimes beyond, into November, if we count Halloween sales). I already have way too much Halloween stuff (I'm thinking of having another flea market type event where I can get rid of some things) and do not need any more! Next year, I want my money to go more towards events, experiences, and travel rather than just stuff.

Have you started making a wish list for Halloween 2019 yet? If so, I'd love to hear what is on your list!

Stay spooky and hope you are beating those Halloween blues!

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