Wednesday, April 3, 2019

What's in My Spooky Purse

Hello lovelies! Confession: I am obsessed with posts showing what is in people's purses/fridges/etc. It is so much fun to get a peek at what people use everyday and seeing how they live day-to-day. And I don't mean just celebrities, I mean like regular people like you and I, especially if they have a spooky or vegan (or both!) aesthetic. Plus, this is a wonderful way to discover new products, bond over similar items and styles, and just get more of an insight into someone else's habits and style!

Ever since my ghoulfriend-in-crime Miranda from Spooky Little Halloween shared what was in her purse, I've been wanting to share what's in mine! I figured now that we are going into spring it would be the perfect time to clean out my purse and share what's been lurking within. I've decided to omit any necessities like my phone, wallet, keys, etc. because everyone has those. Though I do love mine so I've include a photo of them at the end!

Check out what is lurking in my spooky purse below:

Love Pain and Stitches Batty purse - I have a few Love Pain and Stitches' bags, but this is my "off-season" bag (i.e. the one I use most when it's not Halloween season), featuring a black and purple bat design. I absolutely love this bag, it is roomy enough to fit all my essentials, which I'll talk about below!

Halloween tissues - These are so great to have on-hand for the sniffles, mopping up makeup meltdowns, or for small spills. I stock up on spooky tissues during the Halloween season so I can always have a pack in my purse year-round.

Lavender hand sanitizer - I love this travel size, TSA-approved, organic, and cruelty-free hand sanitizer by EO, which I take with me everywhere. The soothing lavender scent is an added bonus that smells so nice. I also love how this doesn't dry out my hands, doesn't leave them greasy or slimy, and is made with organic, natural ingredients.

Roll-on perfume - I LOVE travel-size roll-on perfumes, and I always have a few different varieties in my purse. I swap them out frequently depending on the season and my mood. Right now, I've been loving Tulip Perfume's Lemon Sugar and All Hallow's Eve by Seance Perfumes.

Black Moon lipstick - I think I have over 20 lipsticks from Black Moon Cosmetics. They are truly the only lipsticks I use anymore (besides lip balm) since they have incredible colors, are vegan and cruelty-free, stay put for hours and hours, and don't dry out my lips. Right now I'm obsessed with "Gloom," a gorgeous nude I can wear to work as well as out (on a rare occasion when I leave the house).

Fan - I am almost always hot, so I've taken to carrying around a fan with me to use to cool off. I love my pumpkin-shaped one that was gifted to me, but I also have several other fans I swap out from time to time (I love the new ones they have at Sourpuss Clothing!). Whether I'm standing in line, at a concert, in my car, while at the store, at the theater, or out and about, I can always pull out my fan and get immediate relief from heat with a few waves of my fan.

Hurraw lip balm - I would be lost without Hurraw's vegan and cruelty-free lip balm! I always have a few varieties in my purse (as well as at work, on my nightstand, in the living room, in my dresser, etc., etc.!) to choose from. It is my favorite lip balm and I find that it moisturizes and nourishes my lips like no other! I tend to have dry lips, but using Hurraw keeps them feeling soft and smooth for hours. My favorite flavors include Almond, Earl Grey, and Green Tea.

Notebook - I am a visual person, so I love writing down lists, ideas, etc. I keep at least one small notebook in my purse at all times, and this particular one by Meagan Meli is one of my absolute favorites. The vintage-Halloween theme gets me inspired for the best holiday and I'm using it for some epic Halloween planning!

ELF blotting papers - These have been a lifesaver for my oily skin and I always carry them with me for a quick fix throughout the day. They are inexpensive (I get them at Target) and are so invaluable to me - I use these every day!

Spooky Vegan business cards - You never know who you might run into, so I always keep a stack of Spooky Vegan business cards in my purse at all times. They are great for introducing people to my spooky blog and life.

Sunglasses - I rarely go outside without wearing sunglasses, even in cloudy weather. My eyes are pretty sensitive and bright sunlight bothers me, so these are a must! I don't have any fancy sunglasses, these are a $20 black pair from Target.

PUR gum - Chewing gum relieves stress for me, especially when I'm driving, so I love having PUR gum in my purse wherever I go. It also comes in handy after drinking cold brew so I'm not stuck with coffee breath, haha.

The bare essentials - Of course, I always have my phone, wallet, and keys in my purse as well, and they are all adorned spookily! My phone case features a scene from the Haunted Mansion, my wallet is red with a skull motif, and my keychain lanyard has pumpkins all over it.

What is in your spooky purse?

Stay spooky!


  1. Yesss! I love that you did this. I love seeing what's in other people's purses too - it says SO much about them, doesn't it? Yours is MUCH spookier than mine. :)

  2. ooooh. i'm so glad someone's finally mentioned hurraw. i've been eyeballing their stuff on amazon for a couple of years but nobody seems to know anything about them...maybe i'll finally give them a go!

  3. Hmm, other than the notebook I use for Halloween ideas and the skull on my keychain, my purse is pretty ordinary. I should remedy that!

  4. Thank you for doing this! I love to see the content of other people's purses. Our purses our similar in spookiness!

  5. I love to see the content of other people's purses! Our purses are similar in spookiness.

  6. I love your business cards!

    May I ask where you got your sunglasses case and planchette keychain from? I've been looking high and low for similar items!

    1. Oh, of course!! The sunglass case is from KMSxCo (it can also be used as a makeup or pencil case) and the keychain is from Fiendies (who unfortunately just went out of business).


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