Saturday, September 21, 2019

Halloween 2019 at Target

I stopped into Target after my trip up to Washington and Oregon last week to hunt for Halloween. Since I'm so far from everything here on the Lost Coast, I didn't expect them to have anything Halloweenie out yet besides their dollar section (which I covered HERE!). I was surprised and delighted to find that their Halloween section did in fact have lots of terrifying treats out on the shelves already! I'll share everything I saw below...

To be honest, I'm not too into Target's collection this year, and there isn't anything I absolutely must have. Plus, since I'm in the process of moving I don't want to really buy anything since I don't have the space, don't want to move it, and would rather save money at the moment. So I'm actually happy that Target doesn't have much I want this year, haha! 

I did like the Little Shop of Horrors plants I've covered in my sneak peek post, but unfortunately my Target didn't have them (maybe they will get them at a later date, or maybe they already sold out of them, I'm not sure). I was happy to see they had some old favorites returning (or maybe it is just leftover stock from last year) as well as some new items and designs. 

So, let me take you on the tour of what I spotted in Target's Halloween section this year:

Eeeeek, always love this sight at Target!

AdoraBOOle ghost and pumpkin candy jars

Pretty potion bottles

That little carriage is around for anyone that didn't get it last year!

I'm such a sucker for banners!

That batty trick or treat sign!! Those snake candle holders!!

I really love the fake books that Target puts out - contemplating buying a
few of their new designs this year since they are so precious!!

I love these ghouls and boils!

Candelabras and ghosties - the candelabra lights up and I think the ghost
dances around? I couldn't get him to work, so I'm not sure.

So many new pals!

Trick or treaters

Their Dia de los Muertos section was expanded this year, with lots of 
pretty things for altars, like picture frames and mini altars.

Ok, these little fake succulents in autumn mugs were just adorable!!

Ghostly goodies for getting booed!

These were little wooden facades and so cute!! I really want the spooky
movie one! They had a ton more, too, plus little wooden people / accessories
you could purchase separately.

Loved this light-up "Stay Scary" tombstone

Howling wolf statuary, light-up jack-o-lantern gravestone, and yowling
cat decor - which one would you pick?

Halloween Pyrex! I usually buy a ton of these, but luckily for my wallet
I don't like the designs this year at all.

The monster boombox is back, and there is a new skeleton DJ that is kinda
cool (though the obnoxious DJ sounds do get old quick).

Baking supplies

Yay, Surf Sweets in Spooky Shapes are back this year and these
 happen to be vegan!!

They had this gourd-geous pumpkin dishes in the "grownup" decor 
section of the store.

How cool are these fake black succulents and skull jars?

Loved this black snack platter! I would use it year-round.

Um, hello deliciousness!!!

Maple Creme and Halloween Oreos (yup, they are vegan!).

Tees in the women's section

If this was a black sweatshirt I would have bought it in a heartbeat!

Halloween PJ set - love the design but I don't buy these anymore since
I never wear the pajama top and they tend to pill after a few washes.

Another Halloween pajama set and an adult skeleton onesie!

Skull pajama tee with leggings

Nightmare Before Coffee with cobweb leggings - this is the one item I was
after this year and I snagged it! The leggings are surprisingly thick and 
perfect for sleeping in! Plus the shirt is soft and roomy.

Kitty cat haunted house

Pet bed

Cat toys and costumes

Dog toys

Yaaaaaas, so glad they have both these flavors in single-serve size!

The Toffee Latte Cold Brew is so dang delicious!

These are new, and I love oat milk, so I can't wait to try them!!

That was my jaunt around Target checking out all the Halloween goodies. I'm not really feeling much this year (which, I have to keep reminding myself, is good!) and probably won't be buying much. I snagged the Nightmare Before Coffee PJ set, a small "Spooky" banner from Bullseye's Playground, some Toffee Latte Cold Brew (which is more Christmas-y than Halloweenie, eeeeeek!), a bat toy for my cat Havoc, and I think that's it so far. I may have to go back for some black succulents!

What do you think of Target's Halloween selection this year? Has your store even stocked the main Halloween section yet? I've already started a discussion about this on my Instagram and Facebook pages - join me there if you haven't already!

Until next time, stay spooky!

Note: I am not affiliated with Target, I just love sharing my Halloween finds with you!


  1. I am not buying anything new this year but I sure like looking at the stuff.

  2. I 100% agree with you on their selection this year and am also disappointed with the Pyrex dishes. I snagged 2 last year and was looking forward to getting a couple more but I don't like them enough to add to my collection. I did pick up a few treats as well as the pumpkin shirt, though. Good to see a post from you! Happy haunting!

  3. I totally was underwhelmed by their selection this year too! I might get some stuff if they stick around for the end of the season sales, but nothing is screaming "I must have" although I do like that tray (I didn't see it at my local store though) Although I do like the idea of the little halloween village this year. I don't have nearly enough space to make one, but I wish I could convince my Mother in Law to buy them and set it up where she does her xmas holiday village display lol


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