Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gothic, Halloween and Horror-Inspired Wrapping Paper for Ghoulish Gifts

Who doesn't appreciate a beautifully wrapped gift? And while there is a lot of generic, boring red and green wrapping paper out there, you can find lots of unique wrapping paper online! I've gone ahead and done the legwork for you and I've found some fun wrapping paper on par with our dark aesthetics, whether it's gothic, Halloween, or horror-inspired.

See what kind of awesome wrapping paper lurks on the interwebs below - links will take you to each respective site where you can get more info/buy the wrapping paper:


  1. the insects!!!! i actually bought insect paper over the summer for myself - no sharing!!!!

  2. NNNOOOOOO!!! The Santa Monsters is sold out!!!!! :( But there is a wait list so at least that's something :D

  3. I like the Santa Monsters the most.

    Man, next year I'm going to have to do a Creepmas wrapping paper design of my own.


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