Friday, March 1, 2019

Bethany Lowe Designs Halloween 2019 Preview

Bethany Lowe Designs just unveiled their wholesale catalog for their vintage-inspired Halloween 2019 collections and it is so delightful to get a peek at Halloween goodies when it is still wintertime! Though these are only for wholesalers and aren't available for consumers yet, these designs are something to look forward to when they hit stores next fall.

Bethany Lowe Designs began in 1985 with the artist's vision of creating unique, original, vintage-style folk art and holiday designs for the wholesale industry. At that time, very few companies were creating this distinct style and look. Bethany Lowe Designs gained a following of collectors and admirers throughout the years, and in recent years the resurgence of the vintage folk-art style has led to even more spotlight on this brand, who showcases other artists' work as well.

The 2019 Halloween catalog offers us a glimpse into the whimsical artwork and decor of Bethany Lowe Designs, along with other artists like Chicken Lips and Johanna Parker! Some of the designs showcased are old favorites while others are boo-tiful new editions, but all of them will give you a burst of Halloween joy just be looking at them! Check out some snippets from the catalog below:

These monstrous plants are so adorable! A is "Prickly Pumpkin Plant," 
B is "Cheeky Pumpkin Perennial," and my favorite is C, "Froggy Fern!"

A Magic Moon

This haunted tree with little ghosties adorning it is everything!

There are so many boo-tiful garlands throughout the catalog, like this
"Monster" one!

Spooky fun! I need that little batty bucket and those nesting boxes!

Besides Halloween decor, there are a few pages of Dia de Los Muertos decor.

I adore this Pumpkinhead wall hanging! It would look
amazing over a doorway (and I would leave it up

Serious circus vibes on this page! Love the black cats!

Obsessed with those pumpkin head ghosts!!

Chicken Lips by David H. Everett - his creations always put a smile on my face!

I've had my eye on that "Spooky" marquee for quite some time!

I love Johanna Parker's designs! This is just a look at a few in this catalog.

That witchy black cat called "Scaredy Cat Ghoul" in the listing is so adorable!

I adore these poison apple ornaments from LeeAnn Kress!

More circus-inspired decor! Love the Spooky boxes and that little pumpkin
head ringmaster!

That circus skeleton though! How cute are they?!

The Great Haunted Moon and Stars Show tin sign is gorgeous, and that 
cat pillow and cat with accordion definitely caught my eye. 

How happy do those Halloweenie items make you? Which ones are your faves?

There are so many more items on there I didn't share here on the Halloween 2019 Bethany Lowe Designs catalog on their website!

Stay spooky!


  1. How can I receive a catalog?

    1. I think they only send to wholesalers / buyers. The full digital one is available on their site, though.

  2. How can I receive a catalog?


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