Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tonight's Viewing: The Gate (1987) and Troll 2 (1990)

Tonight was our monthly horror night, and what two films did I pick to inflict upon our friends? That's right, 80's classic The Gate and the "best worst movie ever made", Troll 2! Both have kid protagonists, wacky creatures and bad '80s/early 90's fashion/dance moves/everything, and they complemented each other quite well.

I think our friends were pleased with the selections...and now at least they know better than to piss on hospitality!

Check out some cool Gate/Troll 2 related items below!

Super-sweet Gate tee found on Fearwerx!

Rad fan-made poster [image source]

Rad Troll 2 poster from the Alamo Drafthouse in Texas!

And an extra special treat for you, a flippin' awesome Troll 2 Remix:

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