Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Week in Pictures

I didn't update too much last week, so I just wanted to do a quick photo post to show you all what I've been up to. I promise I'll update more this week, time permitting! I haven't exactly been absent, but I've been hard at work on posts for my first ever 31 Days of Halloween, coming this October!

More on that later, but for now enjoy these pics from my past week:

So festive! Even though candy corn isn't vegan, I'll admit I still 
sneak a few!

Veggie Fajitas at Acapulco

Korean chocolate!

Pumpkin and Frankenstein Monster 
Color Blanks from Michael's!

An absolute standby...pita and hummus! 
Loving Sabra's Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Awesome...saw this at the grocery store!

Playing some Halloween Jenga with the BF

My new fave dressing!


 L.A. Derby Dolls Roller Derby - Tough Cookies vs. Sirens

Smores made with Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows

Got my Sept./Oct. VegNews! Woot!


  1. Mikes Hard has a spiced apple!!!?? I need that!

  2. Havok as in Davey Havok? If so, I had a cat named Davey back in the day. I am counting down the days til Halloween too. I can't wait to make green drinks and gross eyeball soups!

  3. candy corn's not vegan? i might have to pretend i didn't hear that. i gotta pick up some of that hard cider!

  4. There's a really great recipe for vegan candy corn that's a little labor intensive but totally worth your time!

  5. I see candy corn, smores and a black cat....Halloween must be on it's way! :o)

  6. Ya, I'm familiar with the awesome Urban Housewife's recipe, just too lazy to do it! :P

  7. I'm vegan, too, but every year I allow myself one bag of Jelly Belly brand candy corn. There's no gelatin, but there is beeswax.


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