Friday, September 24, 2010

Halloween Things at Target and Jo-Ann Fabrics

I finally got around to checking out Target's Halloween offerings...and like most other bloggers I was kinda disappointed by their small selection. Maybe they don't have all their stuff out yet, but it seems like this year they are catering more to the kiddies.

However, I did snap a few pics of what I did like:

Target's Halloween section

Cute bathroom towels

Rad steampunk photo frame!

You know how much I love pumpkins!

Cool shakers/flasks

Nice selection of tombstones

I don't know why, but I love these creepy gloves

This is adorable!

I also stopped by a Jo-Ann Fabric store...they were already having a 30% - 50% off sale on many of their Halloween items! Just look at the cute stuff they had:

Awesome cooking utensils...I would totally use these

Pumpkin measuring cups!! 

Measuring spoons

Pretty pumpkins!

Batty Pumpkins!

I did pick up a few small things, but sadly none of the stuff pictured above. I really wanted those pumpkin measuring cups and spoons, but at $14.99 each they were just too pricey. Oh well...I'll just add them to my mental wish list!


  1. Cool! We're heading there and other stores tomorrow to check out all the Hween loot.

  2. So funny....I was THIS close to buying the Halloween Measuring spoons and the Witch Pumpkin from Joannes a couple of weeks ago. But all the measuring spoons in the store had some sort of chip in hiss. I decided that maybe I shouldn't have them at all if they get broken that easily...but I did love the uniqueness of them. The Witch Pumpkin I will still probably go back and get, but I wanted to use a coupon on it. Great post, have a fun Fall weekend! :o)

  3. I saw those towels too! I hope they are still there when it is all 50% off! :)

  4. I love the Witch flying over the moon pumpkin! I just started seeing more stuff coming out now. Thanks for sharing I haven't made it to target yet.

  5. Those target pumpkin and witch dish towels are mine! I agree the kitchen stuff at Joannes was great but WAY over priced. Cool post

  6. We got this Halloween store in our town called Halloween City and I went absolutely apeshit over this life-sized, motion-activated, with sound and music and movable arm holding a machete stand up of freaking JASON. I must have stood in front of it for five minutes and kept pushing the button ("Do it again!") and probably embarrassed my mom more than she's ever embarrassed me.

  7. Nice! Our Halloween stores have Freddy, Michael and Pinhead in addition to Jason. They are so much fun...I wish I could afford both the space and money for all of them!!


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