Friday, September 17, 2010

See Night of the Living Dead in a Cemetery!

How would you like to watch George A. Romero's classic zombie flick, Night of the Living Dead, in an actual cemetery?!?! Well, if you live in Southern California you'll get your chance tomorrow night, September 18th, 2010, at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in L.A.!

Yup, that's right...the seminal zombie film will be projected on the big screen while revelers cozy up against headstones to watch the show...more aware than ever of the undead beneath their feet.

The fabulous Cinespia organization, which screens films all summer long at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, have decided to end the season with a bang (or is that moan?) with Night of the Living Dead being the last show of the season.

Cinespia's summer cemetery screenings are a real treat - people bring coolers packed with food and booze, lawn chairs, towels, blankets and camp out under the stars while a movie is projected on a huge mausoleum wall. It is definitely an experience ALL Southern California's should experience at least once!

If you decide to go and it's your first time, I've got a little advice for you. Traffic might be a little harry around the cemetery, so I recommend parking on one of the many side streets as opposed to waiting in your car for over an hour to park within the cemetery. Make sure you get there early...gates open at 6:30 PM but people will be lined up wayyyyy before that time. It definitely pays off to stand in line EARLY because most screenings sell out and you want to get a good seat (just make sure you bring sunblock!)! It's also helpful to bring a small flashlight so it's easier to find your way out of the cemetery once the film is over.

The fee is only $10 (and I believe part of it goes to preserving historic cemeteries like Hollywood Forever) and I guarantee this is an experience you don't want to miss!

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  1. Whoa! That is awesome! I would totally be there! This is something they should do in Atlanta too!

  2. You can also take the subway and a short bus ride (the 210). The parking is truly atrocious:

  3. Oh I am going to that tomorrow! I've been going there a couple times this summer and can't wait for tomorrow. I think its going to be packed because its the last showing. That cemetery is really amazing..I love the old stone heads and the peacocks that they have. If I could be buried anywhere it would be there! haha

  4. Yup, it will definitely be packed there tomorrow! Everyone get there early!

    I love the cemetery too! It's so fun to stroll through and so beautiful!

  5. I went to this. It was quite amazing


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