Friday, November 5, 2010

I Promised You Halloween Photos...

...and I'm finally going to post some, but first I feel I owe you dear readers an explanation on why I haven't posted much since the big day of Halloween.

After being so busy the whole month of October with fun Halloween activities, planning a party and blogging every single day in my 31 Days of October spooktacular, I figured I deserved a break! Plus I've been pretty busy in my personal life and just haven't had enough time to devote to blogging.

My posting will continue to be kinda spotty for a while, especially since my favorite holiday is now over (boo!), but I will continue to post reviews, recipes and whatever scraps of tomfoolery wisdom I can dredge up.

Now that I've explained myself a bit, onto the photos!! Halloween this year was a great success and I had a ton of fun planning and hosting our annual Halloween party. The theme was "Unhappily Ever After" and I had a great time decorating and planning menu items to fit the theme. Check out the photos of the party below! To protect the guilty, I've chosen to not include photos with recognizable faces in them (besides my own, of course). If you want to see ALL the photos in their uncensored glory, they are posted on my Facebook. We just gotta be friends before you can view them, ya hear?

 Dressed up as Little Dead Riding Hood

 Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

 The big hit of the night...severed witches fingers!

 The sinister spread! Menu is below:

 The morbid menu

 Unhappily Ever After

 A view from the outside looking in

And here are two of my fave photos from Halloween:
 Here's a photo from the actual Halloween night. 
Of course I wore my orange and black stockings and we carved pumpkins 
and handed out treats to the few trick 'r treaters that came by.

 I also attended another party the weekend before my own and 
dressed up as Wednesday Addams. This costume was last minute but still a lot of fun! 
I even took home the trophy for Best Costume that night!

I've been reading everyone's posts on their Halloween festivities whenever I have a few spare minutes and it looks like this year everyone had a very Happy Halloween! My Halloween was definitely awesome, but one thing that definitely bugged me was the lack of trick 'r treaters...maybe I need to move to a smaller town, but I miss the days of kids tricked out in costumes and swarming the streets for some treats. It seemed that the streets were deserted on All Hallow's Eve, and that just pissed me off! Who cares if it's a school night? When I was a kid Halloween was worth staying out late for! And another thing -- why don't people decorate for Halloween anymore??? Hardly any houses in my area were people suck that bad that they won't even decorate for Halloween? Or is it just the lame-o's in Orange County where I live? And why were stores putting up Christmas displays and playing Christmas music before Halloween was even over?! What has happened to all the Halloween spirit?

GAH! Enough ranting...

How was your Halloween? Did you see less trick 'r treaters this year? Does your city/town/neighborhood decorate for Halloween? If so, can I please move to your magical Halloweentown? I promise to obey all the cardinal rules of Halloween - decorate, give out treats to avoid tricks, dress in costume, and never ever blow out the jack o' lantern before Halloween night is over.


  1. We had plenty of kids trick-or-treating, and I was delighted to see that 96% were dressed up in some way, even if it was just facial makeup or a football uniform. The headcount was about the same as before, too. I'm only one county north of you. Maybe everyone in OC put the kiddies to bed and ran off to the Queen Mary Shipwreck or Knott's Scary Farm?? BTW You look great as Wednesday Addams- no wonder you won!

  2. Party photos look great. Love the menu! We had fewer TOT's than usual but we also had rain on Halloween night. Still not a bad turnout (125). Although I did notice that fewer houses around me decorated this year. :/

  3. I haven't seen a single jack o'lantern in my village or in the neighbor city. Nor have I ever met a trick-or-treater. And worst of all, people don't even know what Halloween is all about and looked at me like I was crazy when they found out that I'm a total Halloween freak ^^ But I guess that's all because I'm living in Germany and people just don't care about it. So I really want to visit the States for Halloween some day, haha.

    By the way your pictures are awesome. I wish I could've attended this party! Yummy food and great costumes... *sigh*

  4. You are the Queen of Halloween, lady. Check out who I met this Halloween...


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