Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beauty Review: Vegan Mascara Showdown - Manic Panic vs. Lush Cosmetics

I have been using Ecco Bella's fantastic black mascara forever, but sometimes a girl just wants to switch it up a bit, so I set out to try a few other vegan mascara's to see what else is out there.

I've been impressed with Lush's line of cosmetics so far (I use their color supplement foundation in light pink and their black liquid liner called Independence - both are vegan and cruelty-free!), so I was stoked to try their mascara called Eyes Right. I had heard stellar things about Manic Panic's mascara, so I opted to try their black Raven color. I've tried both for a few weeks and you can find my thoughts on them below.

The black Raven mascara by Manic Panic was by far my favorite. I prefer really dark mascara that gives me a full, heavy fringe of lashes and makes my eyes pop, and this was the clear winner. I only had to apply one or two coats to get gorgeously dark lashes. It was extremely long-wearing, didn't smudge and held up all day long. Added bonus: this mascara is pretty cheap at around $10 and can be purchased in-stores or on-line. The only con with this mascara is that it can tend to clump if you put too many coats on.

The Lush Eyes Right mascara gave me a much more natural look, but I wasn't as happy with this mascara. It was hard to apply with its short brush design, took at least three coats for me to even notice I had put any mascara on (and I have relatively light-colored natural lashes) and it didn't have the impact I was looking for. Plus, it left me with a smudgy mess at the end of the day...we are talking raccoon eyes here! It is also pricey at $18.95 both on-line and in-store. On the plus side, it didn't clump, went on extremely smooth on every coat and is made from natural, healthy-for-you ingredients like wheatgrass.

Neither mascara irritated my eyes in any way (I have sensitive eyes and some mascaras I've used have made my eyes water or get red) and I didn't lose any lashes taking the mascara off at the end of the day. Both mascaras came off relatively easy with some makeup remover (I use jojoba oil or Lush's 9 to 5 cleanser).

In my case, Manic Panic was my favorite vegan mascara because it gave me the thick lashes I was looking for, so I will continue to use it as well as my go-to Ecco Bella mascara from now on. If I want a more natural look, I may use the Lush mascara, but I doubt I will ever purchase it again.

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Buy Lush's Eyes Right on the Lush website!
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